20s Groups

The goal of the 20s ministry is to connect with others 20s and the deep love of God. 

20s Community Groups are a great place for 20s to gather as friends to have fun, study God's Word, and challenge each other to become more like Jesus. Everyone is welcome no matter where you might be with your faith. We hope to see you soon!

St. Charles Campus:
  • MEN'S 20s group on Tuesday night at 7:00pm
  • WOMEN'S 20s groups on Monday nights (Geneva) or Tuesday nights (South Elgin)
  • MIXED 20s groups (men and women) Tuesday nights (South Elgin or St. Charles), Wednesday nights (New: South Elgin, or Maple Park), or Thursday nights (New: Elgin, or St. Charles)
  • MARRIED & ENGAGED 20s groups on Tuesday nights (Elgin), Wednesday nights (South Elgin), or Thursday nights (Elgin, St. Charles, or Batavia)


Aurora Campus
  • MIXED 20s -  Sunday 1PM at Church. Led by Ty Hall  
  • Women's 20s/30s - Saturday 9am-11am at rotating houses.  Led by Natalie Swieca.  


Streamwood Campus:
  • MIXED 20s (men and women) Wednesday nights in South Elgin.


DeKalb Campus:
  • MIXED 20s (men and women) Monday evenings in Sycamore.


Childcare reimbursement:

Don't let the cost of childcare be a barrier to connecting to a Community Group. Learn more here.