About Go Teams

GO Teams

GO Teams are short-term trips that are intentional in their purpose: to bring the nations to a place of glorifying God! The trips last anywhere from 5 days to 2 weeks as we visit our six international partnerships. The mission of Go Team trips is evangelism and discipleship - both of the nationals we are going to serve and encourage, but also of our team members. It's a two-way process! To learn more about vision, mission, and strategy click here.



Will I receive any training?

Yes!  There will be five team meetings that you will attend.  At these meetings you will learn about your team, culture shock, our partner ministry, what we will do on the trip, and more.

How do I pay for this trip?

Most Go Team members fundraise for support. We teach you exactly how to make a list and send support letters to friends, family, co-workouts, and neighbors.  We also give you alternate ideas on how to raise funds as well. 

What vaccinations do I need?

For this one please check with your doctor and the CDC website to see what vaccinations are needed.