Mosaic at Aurora

A MOSAIC is a striking piece of art created by gathering small pieces of glass or stone together and arranging them in a beautiful display. An artist will take these unique pieces and join them together to form something bigger and more beautiful than any one piece could be on its own.

At Christ Community Church, we think high school students are a lot like those unique pieces that make up a mosaic. Each student has a unique background, experiences, preferences and passions. When you bring together a group of these amazing and unique individuals and unite them around a pursuit of God- something beautiful is formed.

If you’re in high school and you’re looking for someplace to belong- you’re welcome here. You’re welcome to bring yourself and all your uniqueness to experience a community of people formed by God, loved by God and committed to living the full life that Jesus offers to all of us.


HouseGroup Details Wednesday Nights                                             -6:45pm-8:30pm-

HouseGroup is a small local gathering of 20-50 high school students. Each house has a team of volunteers that help create an amazing community and experience each and every week.

If you come to any of our HouseGroup locations, you’re in for a relaxed gathering where friendships are developed and deepen. During a night at HouseGroup, we’ll have hang time (of course there will be food!), a time of teaching from the Bible and a chance to gather with your peers to talk about the content covered in our teaching video. This is a great place to ask questions, wrestle with doubts and share the ways you’re challenged and growing in your faith.

HouseGroup is your place to build a community of trusted people who are for you and who are  with you as you navigate the challenges that come with being in high school. You’re invited to join us for an awesome HouseGroup experience!

For information on where HouseGroup is near you please reach out to Ty Hall at


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