2020 Year-End Gift - A Celebration

The 2020 Year-End-Gift - Bible Everywhere, was an amazing testimony to the faithfulness of God and the generosity of our church. 

WE COLLECTED $1,241,740! 

Our initial fundraising goal was 10 new languages, but through this amazing outpouring of giving, we will now be funding the recording of 25 languages! That is 25 new people groups on Earth who can now hear the Word of God in their language for the first time!

We are so proud of the passion that our church has for people who don’t yet know the good news of Jesus, our Savior. We look forward to that day, in heaven, when we get to meet some of these brothers and sisters. I’m guessing we will be humbled and thrilled!

Our partners at Faith Comes By Hearing are very excited. Watch as Morgan Jackson personally thanks us in this video:


Covid-19 presented challenges and wonderful opportunities for ministry! The remaining funds will be utilized to respond to these opportunities as they arise in 2021. We prayerfully and enthusiastically look forward to God's direction.

One of the smartest, tax-saving ways to give is through the gifting of appreciated stock. If you own stock and would like to explore this, you can go to: ccclife.org/assets.  


Check back to this page periodically to get updates on the status of recording these languages, and when the people will receive the bibles in their communities!

February 11, 2020 Update

Funds in the amount of $875,000 have been sent to Faith Comes by Hearing.  Three languages are underway:

Krio Old Testament-Sierra Leone - Kadiweu - Brazil - Tenharim - Brazil