Budget Coaching

Enlist a partner to help make a plan for your money!

Taking a critical look at your finances can seem overwhelming or easily fall to the bottom of a long list of to-dos that seem more pressing. You may not even see the need. 

But, if you find yourself wondering where all your money is going, if your debt is growing instead of shrinking with no plan for paying it down, if you figure you’ll get around to saving and investing “one day”, if you wish you could be more generous, or you simply find yourself asking, “Does my spending accurately reflect my heart and values?”

...a budget coach may be a solution you didn’t even realize you needed.

CCC’s free budget coaching ministry makes it simple to connect with a partner who can help you meet your goals. Our coaches can provide a one-time review of your budget, expertise and encouragement to help you gain some traction in the budgeting process, or an ongoing accountability relationship.

Click to learn more about the basics of budgeting and the areas our coaches may help.



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