Camp Commotion Crews



Join us on an excellent adventure, filled with exciting indoor and outdoor activities, including epic hunts, archery, disc golf and much more!

Amazing Race 

It's a race to the finish line! Campers will work together to solve puzzles, find clues, and complete challenges on their journey to triumph in the Camp Commotion Amazing Race!


Are you ready, Player One? Campers will bring popular games to life and become the players themselves as they step into a world of life-size games based on some of their favorite apps.


Unleash your inner Picasso with a variety of creative projects using various mediums.

Build it!

In Build It! campers can use a variety of materials to construct some incredible projects using wood, glue and much, much more!

Center Stage 

Hone your acting skills on stage in this dramatic crew. Campers will learn the basics of scripts, staging and stardom!


Learn the basics of cheerleading and have fun with friends developing and performing a variety of routines.

Commotion Olympics

Wacky, high-energy sports and team spirit are what this crew is all about. Campers will learn cooperation & teamwork, as they strive to become the Camp Commotion Olympic champions!


From appealing appetizers to delicious desserts, you will experience an introduction to the basics of food preparations, serving and, of course, sampling.

Extra, Extra! 

Enter the world of journalism at Camp Commotion! Campers will gather information and write articles about the Camp Commotion life, as well as brush up on their interview and public speaking skills with some very special opportunities! (Note: this crew has limited enrollment)

Extreme Lego 

If you absolutely love everything LEGO, then this is the option for you! From crafting masterful designs to building giant creations over the course of the week, this crew is ideal for the LEGO novice and enthusiast alike!

Friends Forever

Campers in Friends Forever can expect spa treatments, special crafts, pajama days, and a fantastic time with friends. The perfect choice to sign up for with your best friends and to make some new ones!

Gear Up! 

Get ready for an awesome bike riding experience. Ride with friends in this crew, practicing skills and taking in the scenery on longer rides. Campers must bring their own bike and helmet, which can be stored onsite, and must be able to ride without assistance.

Great Beyond

Campers in this crew will enjoy high-octane adventures in grilling, assembling tents, outdoor exploration and more as they journey into nature around camp.



Get ready to make a splash! H20 is a water-filled adventure that will see campers engaged in all kinds of activities involving water from unique relay races to a dunk tank! Swimsuit required daily.

Mad Science

In this crew, campers discover the fascinating world of science while having fun making messes, testing crazy experiments and saying, "Awesome!"



Test your abilities competing with friends old and new in a wide range of traditional sports, such as basketball and soccer.

Ready, Set, Go! 

Enter the world of planes, trains and automobiles! From land vehicles to space vehicles, this crew puts a unique spin on exploring all modes of transport. No helmet needed - just a big imagination!



Campers in Superhero will have a blast spending a week immersed in the superhero world of costumes, crime-fighting (don’t worry, parents - no real crime will be fought) and capers!

TOp Secret! 

Campers will become special agents conducting a top secret investigation. By collecting evidence, analyzing clues, cracking codes and more, campers in this crew will need to work together to solve a puzzling mystery.




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