Canning Hunger kits will be available for pick up starting May 21 at your campus! Pass these out to your neighbors to encourage them to collect nonperishable canned goods with you to help those experiencing food insecurity. Collect the food from your neighbors and bring it to your Christ Community campus before our final collection on June 12!

Donatable items

The most-needed food items at local Chicago food banks and pantries are:

 Whole Grain Cereal
 Oatmeal
 Whole Grain Pastas
 Brown Rice

 Dry, Whole Beans
 Lentils
 Canned Chicken (In Water)
 Canned Tuna (In Water)
 All Natural Peanut Butter

Fruits and Vegetables
 Canned Fruit in Juice
 Low Sodium Canned

 Instant Breakfast Drink Mix (No Sugar Added)
 Low Sodium Pasta Sauces
 Low Sodium Soups
 Spices and Seasonings