The Problem

There are over 24,000 women and children here in the Chicagoland area alone being trafficked each year. Those who have suffered from exploitation experience extreme violence, suffer from substance-abuse addictions, and struggle with mental illness.

The Solution

By sacrificing our time and our resources, Jesus can use us to be the source of compassion and freedom these girls so desperately need. Let’s join together to help these individuals be free from exploitation.


How to Get Involved

Awareness is key to bringing about justice and change. Blind Eyes Opened has released on Amazon Prime. Visit to check it out!


Currently we partner with Naomi’s House, which is a comprehensive residential program that offers hope and healing. Naomi’s House is a safe place fostering healing and faith in Christ that leads to life-transformation. As a faith-based organization, they are rooted in the Gospel of Jesus Christ and have a strong team of trauma-informed expert therapists and staff.