The first step in COMMA is “Context.” In order to understand any particular passage in a book, we need to understand the context of the book as a whole. For any given book, don't feel like you have to consume everything provided.

Select the current book you are reading for study Bible introduction, context, and video.

Old Testament

Genesis     Exodus     Leviticus     Numbers     Deuteronomy     Joshua     Judges     Ruth     1 Samuel     2 Samuel     1 Kings     2 Kings     1 Chronicles     2 Chronicles     Ezra     Nehemiah     Esther     Job     Psalms     Proverbs     Ecclesiastes     Song of Songs     Isaiah     Jeremiah     Lamentations     Ezekiel     Daniel     Hosea     Joel     Amos     Obadiah     Jonah     Micah     Nahum     Habakkuk     Zephaniah     Haggai     Zechariah     Malachi

New Testament

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