Couples At Christ Community Church

Whether you're planning a wedding, looking for helpful resources to strengthen your marriage or relationship, or are in need of support in a difficult time, Christ Community Church is here to help. Below is a listing of our current relationship-related offerings and opportunities.


Pre-Marriage Mentoring
Christ Community offers a pre-marriage mentoring program, in an effort to prepare engaged couples toward God-honoring marriages. This vital ministry is centered on a curriculum focused on Biblical values, and includes nine sessions with the mentors, for four to six months prior to their planned wedding date. To find out more or schedule a wedding consultation with a Campus Pastor, visit HERE.

Pre-Engagement Counseling
Christ Community values healthy marriages. As such, in an effort to encourage and support those considering this amazing, God-honoring covenant, we have a range of ministries available to equip couples to make wise choices as they consider getting married. One of these ministries is pre-engagement counseling with a pastor, or a recommendation to a counselor off of our extensive counselor referral list. To find out more or schedule an appointment, call: 630-485-3420 or email  .

Married and Engaged 20s Groups
Christ Community Offers several Married & Engaged Community Groups within our 20s Ministry. If you are engaged and in your twenties and would like to belong and grow with other engaged couples - and be encouraged by other married couples - then consider one of these Community Groups. You and your fiancee will find friendship and support within the context of prayer and study. They are lots of fun too!



Engaged couples interested in using one of the Christ Community campus-locations and a Christ Community pastor to officiate their wedding, should visit HERE for details regarding costs, procedures, and availability. After reading the involved information, the next step is to contact the recommended Campus Pastor to set up their initial meeting listed on the page in the link.

Weddings – Counseling 
Your wedding should be a joy-filled occasion! But sometimes planning a wedding can be stressful. Our desire here at Christ Community is to ensure that even when wedding planning gets stressful, we partner with you in ensuring the most God-honoring and encouraging ceremony takes place. This may involve a desire or need for wise counsel. We can partner with you in this via pastoral counseling or a counselor off of our extensive counselor referral list. To find out more or schedule an appointment, call: 630-485-3420 or email  .


Would you rate your marriage as a 2 or a 10?  Maybe even a 0? Whether your marriage needs to be reignited, or is in need of a complete resurrection, re|Engage is a safe place for couples to reconnect and grow. This specialized group is designed for couples whose marriage has broken or is in significant distress, those that just need a little enrichment, or those that desire a deeper relationship. We will explore topics like embracing humility, extending grace and forgiveness, communication and conflict, commitment and truth, expectations and understanding, and more. For more information, click HERE.

Marriage Counseling
Christ Community values your marriage and desires for it to remain as healthy as possible. But marriage is not always easy, and can often endure misunderstanding, communication breakdown, and conflict. Our desire is to encourage you through these tough areas of marital life. We can do this by partnering with you through pastoral counseling or a counselor off of our extensive counselor referral list. To find out more or schedule an appointment, call: 630-485-3420 or email  .

Couples Community Groups
The most basic way Christ Community supports marriages is by connecting couples to each other for encouragement, prayer, support, accountability, friendship and the study of scripture. We have 70+ Couples Community Groups across our four campuses, typically consisting of three to six couples. These Groups meet throughout the week, usually in the evening, in homes through our communities. Studies can be topical, marriage specific or simply on a book of Bible. Note: Couples must be married (or engaged for 20s Community Groups) to participate. 



Marital Restoration
Are you in need of hope that your marriage can be restored? This workshop is designed for couples whose marriage needs a tune-up, has broken, or is in significant distress caused by long-term emotional disconnect, infidelity, abuse, and/or broken trust. Couples will learn to integrate emotional, relational, and spiritual health into their marriage and relate in new ways to their spouse and to God. For more information, click HERE.

Crisis Counseling
Is your communication breaking or broken down? Is your marriage in crisis? These areas of marital distress cause misunderstanding, conflict, and brokenness. Our desire is to partner with you in finding hope, healing, and help for these conflicts within marital life. We can do this by working with you via pastoral counseling at CCC, or a recommendation for a counselor, off of our extensive counselor referral list. To find out more or schedule an appointment, call: 630-485-3420 or email   

Other Opportunities:

Financial Peace University

Financial Peace University (FPU) is a practical, biblically-based course from Dave Ramsey, which is designed to help you learn to handle money God's way. The dynamic, motivational lessons cover topics like eliminating debt, saving and spending wisely, and how to give like never before. 

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Weekend Services

The main way we belong and grow at Christ Community is through weekend services. Join us at one of our four Chicago suburb campuses.

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GO Teams

Whether it's praying, giving, or going, we provide a number of strategic opportunities for people to get involved, finding their purpose in Christ through the mission and learn more about God's mission for the nations. If you want to make your life count for something significant, we will show you how! 

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 Simply Serve

Simply Serve is an online search tool to help you search available serving opportunities both in the church and in the community.

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Here at Christ Community, we celebrate baptism by holding special services three times each year. The service includes both baptisms and a time dedicated to hearing the stories, told in their own words, of people coming to faith in Jesus Christ.

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Bible Reading

We love God's Word.  Our Bible Savvy reading plan guides readers through our four-year Bible reading plan and encourages the C.O.M.A. method of Bible study. You can follow the reading schedule in three ways.

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