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Disciple's Path: The Journey - LifeWay

This multi-DVD study with accompanying study guide(s) is designed to provide an intentional one-year mission toward maturity in Christ. It's a purposeful process covering four volumes, 13 sessions each. The Journey was created to nurture believers into disciples who make disciples.

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We are going somewhere—to maturity. This is not aimless wandering. These studies build on each other progressively.

What happens between meetings is more important than what happens during them. We are to teach those we're discipling "to observe," that is "to do" what is commanded. The greatest growth takes place when a disciple does what is commanded in Scripture, not just learns what Scripture says. That is why the end of each session in the Disciples Path series has a set of expectations that the growing disciple agrees to accomplish between meetings. At the outset of the following meeting, there is time for processing what has been experienced.

For a person to become a mature disciple, he or she must journey alongside the person discipling them. As this journey toward spiritual maturity is experienced, the disciple sees the lifestyle and practices of this disciple-maker, asks important questions of that person, and is taught specific skills, truths, and principles that will be exercised for the lifetime of the disciple.

Paul had in his mind that a disciple-maker disciples someone who disciples someone who disciples someone. It's an ongoing process. The Disciples Path series was created with this principle in mind. The goal of every disciple-maker should be that the person who has been discipled then uses the series to disciple someone else. By using the same resources, even the first-time disciple-maker will be comfortable taking on this important but sometimes intimidating role.

The Journey (Four 13-week Studies)

The Journey Vol. 1 Personal Study Guide offers a mix of group discussion, personal study, and practical application. It includes questions for reflection, prayer guidance, a session introduction, Scripture passages, commentary, a weekly activities checklist, a Bible reading plan, and devotionals.
13-session Study Guide

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The Journey Vol. 2 Personal Study Guide includes deeper study on: who Jesus is; the priorities, costs and resulting fruit of being a disciple; the doctrines of God and humanity; and the doctrines of the Holy Spirit and the Church.
13-sesson Study Guide

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The Journey Vol. 3 Personal Study Guide covers topics including: immersion in the Word; connecting through Prayer; living a spirit-filled life; Serving in the Kingdom; Christ's coming to us and His Mission.
13-session Study Guide

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The Journey Vol. 4 Personal Study Guide addresses returning to the Gospel; seeing the big picture; examining a God who sends; the commitment to disciple-making; and who is a disciple-maker.
13-session Study Guide

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