Ride for Hope



This year, Christ Community Church and Community Impact are supporting Naomi’s House through our first “Ride for Hope” fundraiser, open to families and cyclists of all ages who desire to contribute to this cause.

The event will take place on Saturday, June 4, and will start and end at our St. Charles Campus. While 100 miles is the goal, there are many ways to participate in the ride. Options include individuals or teams cycling any number of pledged miles up to the 100 mile mark, or splitting miles between team members for any distance up to the 100 mile mark.

There are multiple ways to participate in the event. You can participate the day of the event or you can ride at your leisure at the trail nearest you. For those that prefer using a stationary bike, that’s an option too!

Each participant will receive an event shirt and a bag that includes “Ride for Hope” branded items to bring awareness to the cause.

Register today! Grab your bike, grab your team or your family and support the worthy cause of fighting human trafficking!


•Commercial Sex Trafficking makes up 54% of trafficking worldwide.
•70% of victims are women and children.
•Ages 9 to 17 is the highest concentration forced into prostitution.
•70% of victims are ages 18 and over.
•Women who have suffered from exploitation experience extreme violence, suffer from
substance abuse addictions, and struggle with mental illness.
•Traffickers provoke feelings of fear, dependency, and helplessness in their victims.
•The constant threats and environment of fear prevent victims from leaving or seeking help.
•Over 24,000 women have been victims of commercial sex trafficking in the Chicagoland area since data started being collected in 2008.

Naomi’s House, a trusted and established partner of Christ Community Church exists to serve women who have suffered from commercial sexual exploitation and deserve a new start. Naomi’s House offers programs that are trauma-informed, comprehensive, and faith-based.

Currently, Naomi’s House operates a day program for victims of commercial sex trafficking in the Fox Valley Region with plans to expand its operation into a residential program very soon. The cost of purchasing, renovating and staffing a home for a residential program is $500,000.