Surrender & Win (Men) - DeKalb

We offer this group to see men set free from any excessive behavior. From food, alcohol, drugs, gambling, anger, jealousy, relationships, cigarettes, shopping, or anything else you are struggling with.  No matter what your behavior might be, we want to help set you free.

Our purpose

  •    to help group members develop roots and steadfastness in Christ
  •    to help men grow in the grace and knowledge of Christ
  •    to provide men with the tools necessary to be restored to wholeness
  •    to provide men with the tools necessary to mature in their faith
  •    to provide a place of discipleship

Next Session Fall 2021: Tuesday, September 14 - November 30, 2021 at the DeKalb Campus with proper social distance guidelines. For more details, please read the Participation Agreement.
Registration Fee, $10 per person.


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