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To find serving opportunities for each partner, visit Simply Serve.

Administer Justice


Elderly / Special Needs / Respite 

Homeless / Crisis Shelters

Internationals / Refugees

Pregnancy Centers

Youth / Mentoring 

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Administer justice

Administer Justice provides a wide range of services to meet both the immediate and future needs of low-income individuals facing civil matters. To find serving opportunities at Administer Justice, visit  Simply Serve-Administer Justice.  For more information or to schedule an appointment, visit our Administer Justice page.


New Life Corrections 

New Life Corrections (NLC) is an outreach of Wayside Cross Ministries. The goal of NLC is to reach the incarcerated men, women and youth and their families through mentoring, Bible studies, group church services, prayer, and through the good news of Jesus Christ. Located in Aurora.  To find serving opportunities at New Life Corrections, visit Simply Serve-New Life Corrections.

Malachi Dads 

New Life Corrections provides Malachi Dads classes with a Christian approach to fathering, with practical applications equipping inmates for functional living. Located in Aurora.  To find serving opportunities at Malachi Dads, visit Simply Serve-Malachi Dads.  

Illinois Youth Center 

The Illinois Youth Center (IYC) is a medium security juvenile center for young men ranging in age from 14-18. Christ Community holds worship services and Bible study small groups. Located in St. Charles.

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    Elderly / Special Needs / Respite

    Rosewood Care Center

    The Rehabilitation Program at Rosewood is designed for individuals whose health has been impacted by illness, injury, or a recent operation. Located in St. Charles. To find serving opportunities at Rosewood Care Center, visit Simply Serve-Rosewood Care Center.


    Marklund is a nonprofit organization that serves infants, children, teens and adults with serious and profound developmental disabilities and special healthcare needs. Located in Geneva. To find serving opportunities at Marklund, visit Simply Serve-Marklund.

    Opportunity House

    Opportunity House is a community sponsored organization providing rehabilitation services to people with disabilities. Their mission is to help people with disabilities to work and live in homes of their choice, and enjoy community life. Located in Sycamore.  To find serving opportunities at Opportunity House, visit Simply Serve-Opportunity House.

    DeKalb County Nursing and Rehab Center

    The DeKalb County Rehab & Nursing Center (RNC) has been in existence since 1853. It is the oldest and largest health care provider in DeKalb County and began as a Poor Farm. The facility has evolved over generations to a progressive, skilled nursing center that is highly regarded for its quality nursing care. To find serving opportunities at DeKalb County Nursing and Rehab Center, visit Simply Serve-DeKalb County Nursing and Rehab Center.

    Pay It Forward

    Providing low-cost temporary respite and lodging in a comfortable, home-like environment for family members and friends of patients at Kindred Hospital in Sycamore or elsewhere in DeKalb County. Serving opportunities include baking cookies, being a friendly face/greeter, cleaning crew, helping with fundraising, lawn and garden care.  To find serving opportunities at Pay It Forward, visit Simply Serve-Pay It Forward.

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    Homeless /Crisis Shelters

    Elgin Wayside Center 

    As part of Wayside Cross Ministries, Wayside Center offers daytime intervention for the hurting and homeless by providing counseling services, Bible study, job placement assistance, sack lunches, showers, laundry facilities, clothing, and other household items.  To find serving opportunities at Elgin Wayside Center, visit Simply Serve-Elgin Wayside Center.

    Hesed House

    Hesed House is the second largest shelter in the State of Illinois, offering programs to help people out of homelessness. Located in Aurora.  To find serving opportunities at Hesed House, visit Simply Serve-Hesed House.

    Hope Haven

    Providing shelter and meals to the homeless, assists the homeless in moving into stable housing, and advocates for the rights of homeless individuals and families. Located in DeKalb.  To find serving opportunities at Hope Haven, visit Simply Serve-Hope Haven.

    Lazarus House

    Lazarus House is a community home providing shelter, food, encouragement, information, and case management to men, women, and children connected to the school districts of St. Charles, Geneva, Batavia and western rural Kane County. Located in St. Charles.  To find serving opportunities as Lazarus House, visit Simply Serve-Lazarus House.

    Master's Touch

    As part of Wayside Cross Ministry, Master's Touch is a comprehensive 6-month residential, life transformation ministry for troubled men whose lives are out of control as a result of drugs, alcohol or some other destructive behavior pattern. Structured programs include Bible based counseling and education. Located in Aurora. To find serving opportunities at Master's Tough, visit Simply Serve-Master's Touch

    Mission Possible

    This faith-based non-profit organization is staffed by local missionaries offering their time and talent to love and serve the broken, marginalized, and under-served by providing free health care services, addictions, formal Bible training and discipleship, community-based enrichment-type classes, and other outreach and fellowship activities designed to impact the specific needs of those within the heart of Aurora.  To find serving opportunities at Mission Possible, visit Simply Serve-Mission Possible.

    Lifespring Crisis Shelter 

    Lifespring Ministry is Wayside Cross Ministry's long term transitional living program for women and women with children, who have lost their housing due to addiction, abuse or financial reasons. This safe, loving “family” environment provides a six-month program teaching families the necessary skills to live independently. Located in Aurora. To find serving opportunities at Lifespring Crisis Shelter, visit Simply Serve-Lifespring Crisis Shelter.

    Safe Passage

    Safe Passage is a safe shelter for women and children who have experienced abuse. Located in Dekalb. To find serving opportunities at Safe Passage, visit Simply Serve-Safe Passage.

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    Internationals / Refugees

    Network of Nations

    Committed to extending hospitality, friendship, and practical care to international students in the DeKalb/Sycamore area. To find serving opportunities at Network of Nations, visit Simply Serve-Network of Nations.

    World Relief

    Providing resettlement assistance for refugees from around the globe, World Relief works with local churches to help immigrants adjust to American life and culture. Located in Aurora. To find serving opportunities at World Relief, visit Simply Serve-World Relief.

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    Pregnancy Centers

    Pregnancy centers provide free and confidential support for women who may be experiencing an unplanned pregnancy. Included are pregnancy tests, accurate information on pregnancy-related issues, assistance in finding affordable medical care, adoption, maternity home and prenatal childbirth class referrals, as well as ongoing mentoring and friendly support.

    Visit their websites:

    Monthly Prayer at Planned Parenthood

    If praying for the unborn, young, unwed mom's/dad's & future generations is on your heart, visit out Life Ministry page to sign up to pray outside of Planned Parenthood in Aurora on the 3rd Friday of every month.

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    KidsHope USA

    Kids Hope USA mentors spend just one hour per week, reading, talking, playing and listening to a child at school. If you are interested in becoming a Kids Hope USA mentor, please fill out the volunteer application, and return to the information/serving opportunities counter at a weekend service or mail it to your church campus attention: KHUSA Director. Partnering with schools in Bartlett, DeKalb, Elgin, St. Charles.  Print Application

    Fox Valley Christian Action

    The Mission of Fox Valley Christian Action is to help the local church serve under-resourced communities around them. Our passion is to see the power of the Gospel transform lives of families living in our local public and subsidized housing communities. Everything that Fox Valley Christian Action does takes place through two initiatives: Riverwoods and Riverworks. Located in St. Charles. To find serving opportunities at Fox Valley Christian Action, visit Simply Serve-Fox Valley Christian Action.

    To find serving opportunities for each partner, visit Simply Serve.

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