Co-Ed Hiking

Explore the diversity of regional landscape in Illinois while taking in the fresh air and breathtaking views on a scenic hike.

We hike at a moderate pace (faster than a slow walk, but not a jog either). If you are active and don't mind breaking a mild sweat you will be just fine. Hiking terrain is generally flat with some low hills, depending on location. 

Please be aware that thunderstorms or heavy downpours will cancel hikes. Light rain will not. Any cancelled hikes will not be rescheduled. Finally please be sure to bring a water bottle, bug spray and any other items you desire to have with you.

Upcoming Hike Schedule:

  • 3 miles - Saturday, June 9th at 3pm at Leroy Oakes in St. Charles.
  • 5 miles - Saturday, June 30th at 3pm at Leroy Oakes in St. Charles.