2021 Year-End Gift

What is "Homes for the Holiday"?

Pandemic. Social unrest. Economic upheaval. Life in 2021 has been hard all around the world. In response, Christ Community’s year-end gift "Homes for the Holiday" will significantly impact groups of people in extraordinary need: 

1) Afghanistan refugees. Through World Relief, Homes for the Holiday will help resettle families into Chicagoland. It takes about $10K per family to set them up in a home— and provide them with 3 months of food and supplies.

2) Families of pastors in Sierra Leone and Bangladesh. These are two of the six countries in which we partner with church-planting ministries. The good news is that thousands of new churches have been launched in these countries— with scores of people coming to faith in Jesus Christ. The bad news is that the extremely poor pastors who shepherd these congregations— have been hit hard by the COVID crisis. Hyper-inflation and the unavailability of food have made it difficult to survive. And they're our brothers and sisters in Christ. So we want to meet their needs.

3) Children in Sierra Leone or Bangladesh. As part of "Homes for the Holiday," all are encouraged to sponsor a child in these two partner countries. Monthly support through our partner ministies provides housing, education, food and clothing, and spiritual care. 


This year, there are three ways to participate:
1) Give to the Homes for the Holiday fund, of which at least 70 percent of the Homes for the Holiday gift will go to World Relief for the resettling of refugees and to support Christ Community’s international partner pastors. The other 30 percent will go to other projects and ministry needs.



Be sure to select 2021 Year-End Gift.

2) Commit to sponsoring a child in Sierra Leone or Bangladesh.


3) Do both!