Homes of Hope

Safe Families, Adoption, Foster Care


To cultivate a culture within Christ Community Church that encourages and prepares individuals, couples and families to care for vulnerable children and spread the good news of Jesus in the process. 


  1. Awareness – Increase awareness of the Biblical calling and the need to care for vulnerable children through education, information and promotion.
  2. Resources – Facilitate the provision of resources in the areas of financial, events, learning, etc.
  3. Connections – Coordinate the connection of individuals, couples and families with the right people and/or organizations that can help them through the process of caring for vulnerable children.


  1. Evangelize to the children, the biological families of the children and others around the families involved.
  2. Connect vulnerable children with loving, Christian families and have their lives changed forever.
  3. Build a community of CCC families (across all campuses) who have a passion for caring for vulnerable children.
  4. Increase diversity in our church.
  5. Create a culture within CCC that loves and cares for vulnerable children and involves many different people.
  6. Strengthen CCC’s reputation in our community through our active desire to care for vulnerable children.