Mosaic (Weekly)

On Wednesday nights throughout the school year, from 6:30–8:30pm, Mosaic students cram into homes all over the community to have fun, build relationships, study the Bible, pray together and to discuss all of the stuff going on in life; we’re connecting with each other and connecting with God. There are lots of locations to choose from, so find one and jump in! Yes - you can just show up! We'll be ready for you.

What Happens at Mosaic?

That's a great question. Every house has between 25-50 students, Community Groups (small groups), adult community group leaders, a point leader (the "big cheese" for the house), and the home host. To start off, we have a relaxed "hang time," where we gather in community, catch up with each other and get to know new students. Following "hang time," the High School Pastors give announcements (via video) to keep everyone on the same page about Mosaic and our upcoming big events and trips. Then we settle in for teaching, either by video or live, from the High School Pastors. This sets us up for our Community Group time. Community Groups are organized by gender and grade (each house has 4-8 groups). After the community group discussion, we gather again to finish the night all together by praying for the needs of the group, our schools, and for impact in our community. In other words, a lot happens at Mosaic

Want to get plugged into a Mosaic location? Check the list below and contact your campus for info on each of our locations.


Dekalb - James Ahrenholz (Associate Student Pastor),

Streamwood - Jus Leverette (Next Gen Pastor),

Aurora - Gus McDonald (Student Ministries Pastor),  

St. Charles - Jess Martin (Team Administrator),