Hub Programming

The Hub plays host to a wide variety of programs:

Public School Programs:

Some examples of Hub Public School programming includes:

  • Vocational Training for Students with Disabilities in partnership with D303
  • Opening Day for teachers and staff at D303
  • Full Day Field Trips for over 2000 kids from 5 high schools and 4 middle schools
  • Team Polaris (student group from STC North) parties
  • FCA Leadership Meetings (student group from STC East)
  • Wredling Middle School HAWKS student leader full day retreat
  • Upstate 8 Literary Festival
  • STC North Post-Prom

The Hub staff has had the privilege of creating and running character-based training in several local schools including Streamwood High School, Bartlett High School, Larkin High School, South Elgin High School, Larsen Middle School, Kimball Middle School, Wredling Middle School, and Thompson Middle School.

This coming year, as word has spread about these programs, more schools have demonstrated interest in these types of programs. We are excited about the possibility of working with several more schools next year!

For an in-depth look at these programs, click here.

If you are a teacher or administrator who is interested in these types of programs, please contact Bobby Jackson at  or 630.485.3341.

Church Programs:

  • The Hub hosts Genesis, Christ Community Church's Middle School Program, every Wednesday night
  • The Hub hosts Mosaic, Christ Community Church's high school program, for their outreach programs.
  • The Hub hosts [re]group, Christ Community Church's pain and addictions program for high school students. It is part of Care Night, the focal point of our church's caring ministry for people going through addiction recovery, grief, divorce, and financial and parenting struggles.
  • Regularly, we host many of our Community Impact Partners, including the Clifford Court outreach program, Riverworks, and Teen Nite.

For more information, feel free to contact the Hub Director, Bobby Jackson at  or 630.485.3341.