Leader Resources

To lead their group well, Community Group Leaders are expected to...

  • Intentionally develop relationships with group members
  • Prepare for and execute the group meeting (often through delegation)
  • Pray for group members between meetings
  • Provide and coordinate pastoral/shepherding care
  • Regularly evaluate your group and leadership

Below are some critical resources to aid the leadership of your group. As always, contact your Coach with any questions.

ChaT Prayer Card

Praying as a group can be more than just a list of requests or a way to open and close the group time. We have created a resource called the C.H.A.T. Prayer card that can help you guide your group in a rich time of prayer. The card includes prompts for Confession, Honoring, Asking, and Thanking God, as well a relevant scripture. Click here (front) and here (back) to download a digital copy of the card. Hard copies are also available through your Coach or Pastor. 

Spiritual Practices for Community groups

There are many different ways to pray, meditate on scripture, and spend time in the presence of the Lord, both in our personal lives and with our Community Group. We have put together a set of spiritual practices, from simple to more complex, that you can use yourself or with your group. Click here for our printable Spiritual Practices for Community Groups

Its Not about the mask Leadership flip book

There's so much these days that can divide us and distract us from what is fundamentally important- being disciples and making disciples. This resources is an exploration of some of the major Biblical principles in play that may be getting lost in the shuffle as we talk about everything from what we think about masks to what we think about the President. There's got to be a better way, right? This resource is designed for you as a CG leader and your own discipleship. It is also meant to be a resource that you can pass along to your group members if you so choose. Click here to view or download the flip book "It's Not About the Mask" by Executive Pastor Eric Ferris. 

Leadership Style 

Want to learn more about your leadership, or about the leadership styles in your Community Group? Try this leadership style quiz, and check out the ways you can increase your leadership effectiveness. 

All-Church study

Beginning the weekend of September 12, we will be launching a three week all-church study called Bible Every Day. Find all the resources you need here

Soul Care

In this season, it has become more important than ever to care for our physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. The Discipleship Team has put together a great resource to help you ask the question "How is my soul?" It also includes some great practices and rhythms to help move you towards better overall health. This resource is great for you to use and can also be used in your Community Group for care and check-ins with your group members. Click here and here to download the digital version of this card. 

LIVE leader Training

Twice a year, we host live leader training to equip and support your leadership. Learn more and register here

Leader Launch Guide

What are the expectations of a Community Group Leader? Learn more here

Checklist for leading a meeting

We have created a brief checklist to help you lead your group meeting. Click here or ask your coach for a hard copy (also available at the Community Groups counter at the St. Charles campus), which includes the 3 Gs of providing care in your group. 

group covenant

Groups who develop a written covenant are better able to stay on course, clearly explain the purpose of their group to newcomers and to hold members accountable for healthy group behavior. Click here for a sample group covenant, and ask your Coach if you have any questions on creating or upholding your group covenant. 

recommended studies library

Our recommended studies library has moved to RightNow Media! If you already have a free account set up, visit the Christ Community Church library on RightNow Media to access all of our recommended studies. Visit our Recommended Studies page to view helpful videos and articles for using RightNow Media for yourself and your group. Don't have an account yet? Email  to request one. 

Online leader Training

We have created a library of required and optional training courses online for your training and reference. It includes group basics like the mission and vision of Community Groups, how to facilitate a group meeting, and how to start your first four meetings well. It also includes optional courses on topics such as Apprentice Leadership, conflict, and multiplication. Click here to visit our online training platform

leader spiritual health resources

We place a high value on the spiritual health of Community Group Leaders. Click here to learn about retreats, trainings, books, and other resources to help strengthen your own spiritual health.