Community Group Leader Training

Our next Community Group leader training is coming up this August! These optional training events are designed to be an encouraging and equipping time for you. Here's what we'll be covering at the Fall Training Event: 

  • DISCIPLES MAKING DISCIPLES: What is discipleship? What does it look like in group life? What are some ways that you as a leader can act as a disciple-maker in your group? We'll talk both big picture and simple steps as you grow as a disciple who makes disciples.
  • BIBLE SAVVY AND THE COMMA METHOD: Check out our great new resource designed to help you lead your group through the study of any passage of scripture. This is great for use with the Bible Savvy reading plan, or if you and your group want to go deeper on a particular passage from your study. 
  • PLANNING YOUR YEAR: We will have the upcoming list of sermon series and other dates you need to plan your whole year of group study, complete with tips and tricks (and time for questions!) from your pastors and coaches. 

Here are the dates, times, and locations of the August training: 

  • Tuesday, August 31 at 7pm on Zoom

Each training is expected to run 90 minutes.

*In-person events will include a meal. Childcare is not available onsite for these events, but in-person attendees can apply for childcare reimbursement up to the allowable amounts as listed on

Click here to register for the Zoom Training

See the Event Agreement page for further details on in-person gatherings.