Much like the adult Community Group model, these groups help you develop a meaningful community aimed at helping everyone walk faithfully with Jesus for a lifetime. Groups meet a variety of times. Jump in at any time!


A Mosaic is a striking piece of art created by arranging small pieces of glass or stone together into a beautiful display. Christ Community Church believes high school students are a lot like those unique pieces—when you bring them together around a pursuit of God, something beautiful is formed.

At Aurora, DeKalb, and St. Charles/South Elgin Campuses, Mosaic is made up of three elements. We’d love to see students participate in all three. Check them out below.

What about the Huntley and Streamwood Campuses? High School students will meet on campus for large group and table discussions on Wednesday evenings from 6:30 - 8:15pm.

If you've got any questions, our team is here for you and would like to walk through this important season alongside you.


The expressions will vary from campus to campus but in general, we want to increase easy access points for new kids to get connected with our ministry in low-key ways. We hope to leverage these for reaching new kids and as simple ways to deepen the community among those already connected to our ministry.

Some possible examples include:
Coffee hour | Open HUB | Monthly post-service gatherings | Consistent outreach events | Tutoring | Social media engagement


On Wednesday nights, we are pulling our high school students onto our church campuses for a large group ministry environment. MOSAIC begins for the new school year on AUGUST 31.

We combine our middle school and high school programming from 6:15 to 8:15 so that students across both age groups are together for worship, games, and teaching. Our team of staff and volunteers work to create an environment and program that engage a wide variety of students in meaningful and fun ways. After the large group program, high school students will have an optional time for table discussions based on the topic shared in large group. The hope is that this environment is an easier invite for our students as opposed to the more intimate setting of a HouseGroup and allows a new student to ease into involvement in our ministry.


Finally, we have consistent community group opportunities for students outside of our Wednesday night environment. Much like Christ Community's adult community group model, these groups can meet on a variety of days and cover topics more specific to the needs and development of the group as a whole- under the leadership of a trusted adult. The goal here is that a group of students would develop a meaningful community that is aimed at helping everyone to walk faithfully with Jesus for a lifetime. Given the range of spiritual development in our ministry, we think it’s valuable to give a bit more flexibility to the groups as they grow together.


Find all upcoming student events across our five campuses.