Mini Studies now available for Community Groups

Is there a gap in your Community Group's study schedule this season? Looking for a topical study that can be done in a short amount of time? Mini Studies have been designed by your coaching team to be completed in 2 weeks. Click on the pdf links below to download and print these free studies for your Community Group.

Going to the Nations 

Have you ever wondered what your specific role is in God’s global mission? Knowing our purpose and living that out according to God’s plan is the desire of all Christ followers (Luke 22:42b). Over the next two sessions, we’ll learn what the bible says about God’s plan and how we can start moving towards our specific purpose in that mission. 

Going to the Nations Week #1                Going to the Nations Week #2


During this two-week study we will learn about sin, its consequences, and how Jesus offered up his own life in order for us to be reconciled to God. We will also explore God’s command for us to take this good news to the world, and learn some practical tools that will help us share with people in our circles of influence.

Evangelism Week #1                               Evangelism Week #2

Baptism Mini Discussion Guide

The Purpose of This Guide: To facilitate a discussion (10-15 minutes) within your group surrounding the topic of baptism. It is not intended to replace a full baptism study, our Baptism Class, or your current study, but simply to start the conversation on baptism within your Community Group and point your group members to the upcoming Baptism Classes on each campus. Click below to download the pdf version of this study. Or click HERE to visit the Baptism Mini Discussion Guide webpage for additional information. Hard copies of this guide are also available from your coach or at your campus Community Groups counter or table.

Baptism Mini-Discussion Guide Weeks 1-2