mo·sa·ic [moh-zey-ik] adjective: composed of a combination of diverse elements which, when unified create a striking image/a movement of high school students following Jesus

Mosaic is the high school ministry of Christ Community Church. It is a diverse group of high school students from lots of cities, schools, and regions, with varied interests, gifts, passions, and personalities, who are part of the movement of following Jesus in this section of the world.

We connect with students (their world: fun, relationships, big questions) to help them connect to Jesus. Our mission is to make disciples who are belonging, growing, serving, and reaching.

We accomplish our mission by doing two primary things: HouseGroup (weekly) and Events/Trips (often).

We also have [re]group, a group for high school students struggling with a variety of difficulties including abuse, addiction, anxiety, depression, loss and self-harm. For more information on [re]group, please contact Bobby Jackson at  or click HERE.

For more information or questions regarding specific campus events contact:
St. Charles Campus: Jess Martin at
DeKalb Campus: Josh Haight at  
Blackberry Creek Campus: Deb Lukazewski at
Streamwood-Bartlett Campus: James Ahrenholz at  





6th Grade Takeover (St. Charles, Dekalb, and Streamwood-Bartlett)

6th Grade Takeover is an event designed for incoming 6th graders to have fun, hang out with leaders and Student Ministries Staff, and get a glimpse of what is in store for them at Genesis. Visit for information specific ...
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