Neighbor Resources

Love Your Neighbor Game

As a part of our Love Your Neighbor year-long mission, we've created a fun scavenger hunt-like game filled with dozens of ideas to interact with neighbors.

To get good ideas for meeting, hosting, inviting, and serving neighbors--and to challenge yourself--download the app GooseChase on your smartphone and search “Love Your Neighbor” to find the game. Play as a Community Group or family and see who can get the most points!

Prayer Walk Your Neighborhood

At the Information Counter at your campus, you can grab a resource card with information on how to do a prayer walk in your neighborhood and what to pray.

Neighbor stories: 91 Ways we met

We asked our Community Group Leaders how they met their neighbors and compiled them into a practical document of the 91 ways we've ACTUALLY met our neighbors.


ServING Ideas

 Bright Bulbs – a great time to perform this service is after the long, dark winter nights have left many outside lights extinguished. Take several boxes of new lightbulbs and walk your neighborhood street.
Approach each resident and offer to replace burnt-out light bulbs on their porch or driveway.
 Clothing Exchange – serve your neighbors through your kids’ outgrown clothing. Send out a flier announcing to your neighbors that you are going to hold a clothing exchange. Allow others to join in
and set up stations on your front lawn.
 Community Carnival – put on a carnival for the whole neighborhood. Have it in your front yard or in a neighborhood park (get permission first).
 Community Pancake Breakfast – this is a relatively inexpensive way to serve your neighbors. Pick a weekend morning and announce, ahead of time, that you will have a free pancake breakfast in your
home, in your driveway or in a neighborhood community building.
 Moving Day – as soon as you see a sale sign in your neighborhood go from “for sale” to “sold,” call the realtor and explain that you’d like to welcome the new owner to the neighborhood by helping with the
 Ask your neighbor to serve with you – there are many people who will not enter a church but who love to serve. Invite your neighbor to serve at a Feed My Starving Children pack-a-thon event; or, ask
them to serve at some other Community Impact outreach
 Neighborhood Bicycle Exchange – children grow but bicycles don’t. Ask the parents in your neighborhood to collect the used bikes that their children have outgrown. Next, pick a time and place to give away the bikes. Advertise your bike giveaway throughout your neighborhood and invite them to claim a bike!
 Neighborhood Watch – convene a neighborhood watch program. Invite people to your home for a planning meeting. Lead a conversation about what your neighborhood could do in the event of a fire or
natural disaster. Ask if there are elderly folks in the neighborhood who might need help. Create a phone tree.
 Parenting seminar – show that you care about families by hosting a parenting seminar for your neighborhood. Invite an outside speaker to give talks on topics relevant to your attendees. Among topics you can discuss: how to set boundaries with teens, the challenges of single parenting, maintaining healthy marriages, and so on
 Serving Single Parents – single parents work really hard without always having another adult to talk to or a backup when they need to breathe. Serve single parents in your neighborhood by making some of
their everyday tasks easier: provide once a month babysitting, provide a monthly or bimonthly parents night out, and so on.
 Community garden – plan and start a neighborhood community garden. Consider sponsoring a needy family(s) with the produce.
 Soup Night – host a monthly or bimonthly soup night for your neighborhood. Invite all your neighbors over for soup; put fliers on their doors and ask them to bring their own bowls and spoons.
 Movie night – watch movies with your neighbors. Meet in your home or display a movie on your garage door. Serve movie food (popcorn, chips, soda, and so on). Choose your movie wisely…try to
stick with PG rating.
 Money matters – plan an event (or series of events) to teach members of your neighborhood how to handle their finances.
 Pamper Party – invite neighbor ladies over for a pamper party complete with facials, foot soaks, and manicures. Send out invitations for your party.
 Easter Egg Hunt – host an Easter Egg hunt for your neighborhood. Choose a central area/park or the yards of several neighbors for the hunt. Send out notes or cards to your neighbors with children,
inviting them to the hunt. Hold the hunt the weekend before Easter so there is opportunity to invite your unchurched neighbors to Easter services.
 May Day Baskets – your neighbors will welcome the beauty of Spring on May day with a homemade basket filled with spring flowers and sweet treats.
 New Neighbors - Look for “sold” signs…take a meal, brownies, or flowers to meet and welcome them. Make sure you leave them with a way to contact you.
 Drop by with baby gift or food - Look for opportunities to come alongside, pray for, and befriend a new mom.
 Children: Organize a babysitting co-op, Bible club, birthday party for Jesus, or a Saturday pancake breakfast. Host a movie night with The Story of Jesus for Children, dubbed into 146 languages.
 Teenagers: Open your home for youth gatherings and invite neighbor teenagers to attend. Go to local high school events, host 5th Quarter (after football game) parties, and invite them over for pizza.
 Help organize a block party, neighborhood yard sale, or clean-up day. Plan a picnic, hike, build your own ice cream sundae party, or family movie night. Roast hot dogs and marshmallows in a
backyard fire pit.
 Plan a chili or soup cook-off, progressive dinner, supper club, or wild game night (hunters cook-up venison, buffalo burgers, etc.). Organize a movie or game night. Invest and invite!
 Visit and/or provide meals for the sick and shut-ins.
 Run errands, clean house, do yard work for the elderly, single moms or others in need.
 Love on those who have lost loved ones.
 Coordinate a street or neighborhood fund-raising event for a neighbor in need. Involve the whole family!