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Won't You Be My Neighbor Training Video

Ninety-Second Testimony Exercise
(Refer to CG Leader Training Video above for instructions)

When did it happen?
Where did it happen?
Who was involved?
What happened?
What was the action you took with God?
What was the spiritual benefit you received from God?

Won't You Be My Neighbor Study

Week 1 Video: Block Party

Week 1 Outline & Discussion Questions
Block Party - Revelation 5:1-10

  1. We are redeemed at a cost.
  2. We are redeemed with a crowd.
  3. We are redeemed for a cause.

Discussion Questions:

  1. Read (out loud) the introduction to the book of Revelation in an NIV Study Bible. (If you have time, you may also want to watch the 11-minute video on Revelation 1-11 at the Bible Project/Revelation, part I.) Summarize what you learn about Revelation's: author; purpose/theme; apocalyptic language.
  2. Read Revelation 5:1-10. What do each of the following phrases in this passage tell us about Jesus? The Lion of the tribe of Judah, the Root of David; a Lamb; seven horns and seven eyes; [they] fell down before the Lamb...and they sang a new song.
  3. What does it mean that Jesus "purchased" people for God with his blood? How would you know if you're one of the purchased people? What should be your response to the price Jesus paid for you?
  4. How is the diversity of Christ-followers expressed in v.9? What are some good biblical reasons for a church like CCC to pursue greater diversity?
  5. How could you, personally, put a greater emphasis on diversity in your life? In what ways might this enrich your life?
  6. What is the "cause" for which Christ has redeemed us? How would you rate your current participation in this cause (on a scale of 1-10)? Explain. What needs to happen for your participation to increase?
  7. Review the 4 steps of how to "love your neighbor," explaining what is meant by each (meet; host; invite; serve). How could you host a neighbor or two in the next four weeks?

Week 2 Video: This Is My Story

Week 2 Outline & Discussion Questions
This is My Story - Acts 22:2-16

  1. Tell it in parts.

    My life before Christ
    My surrender to Christ
    My life since following Christ

  2. Tell it after practice.
  3. Tell it with power.
  4. Tell it with permission.

Discussion Questions:
Icebreaker: Jesus was a master storyteller. Why do you think he used stories to communicate spiritual truths? What are the advantages of introducing God into a conversation with neighbors by telling your personal faith-in-Christ story?

  1. Read Acts 22: 2-16. In what ways is your faith-in-Christ story similar to Paul's? In what ways is your story different?
  2. Briefly describe: your life before Christ; your surrender to Christ; your life since following Christ. (If you're still exploring a relationship with Christ and have not yet surrendered to him, describe where you are on your spiritual journey.)
  3. Why would it be helpful to practice your faith-in-Christ story before telling it to others? (Think of as many benefits as possible.) What might be some liabilities of practicing your story?
  4. Read Ephesians 6:19, 20. Are you surprised that Paul asked for prayer so he wouldn't be afraid when talking to others about Jesus? Why or why not? What causes you to fear sharing your faith-in-Christ story with neighbors?
  5. Paul's solution to fear when witnessing was prayer. What sorts of things might you pray for in preparation for talking to others about Christ? Take a few minutes right now to pray for yourself (and others in your group) along these lines.
  6. Imagine that you are hanging out with neighbors. What are some ways that you could gain permission to bring Christ into the conversation? Come up with as many opening lines as possible that would enable you to introduce your faith-in-Christ story.

Week 3 Video: Good News

Week 3 Outline & Discussion Questions
Good News - Romans 10:9-15

  1. Everyone is valuable. (Romans 10:1, 12)
  2. Anyone can be saved. (Romans 10:9-13)
  3. Someone has to tell. (Romans 10:14-15)

Discussion Questions:

  1. How have you been connecting with neighbors since we started our Love Your Neighbor emphasis this fall? How have you been meeting, hosting, inviting, and serving your neighbors? What next step could you take with your neighbors?
  2. Why is it important when sharing the good news with someone to see them as infinitely valuable? How can you make someone feel valuable? What barriers stand in the way of making people feel valuable?
  3. Are there people in your life that you have written off as a lost cause? How does it change how you share the good news if you truly believe that anyone can be saved?
  4. Why do we need to actually verbally share the message of the gospel, not just set an example with our life?
  5. What makes spiritual conversations "beautiful" (10:15)?
  6. Pair up with another person and go through the God's Good News booklet you received in the service (or use the electronic version the CCCLife app). Practice walking through the entire gospel as if you were explaining it to someone.

Week 4 Video: Dare to Ask

Week 4 Outline & Discussion Questions
Dare to Ask

1. We have a ____________________ problem.

2. We have a ________________ problem.

3. We have a ___________________ problem.

4. We have a ___________________ problem.

5. We have a ______________ problem.

How Jesus deals with these barriers (Luke 10: 1-24):
• Jesus commissions the 72, not just the 12: __________________________

• Jesus tells the disciples who to reach: _____________________________

• Jesus tells them what to do and say: ______________________________

• Jesus shows them how to respond to rejection: _____________________

• Jesus tells them where the power will come from: ___________________

• Jesus shows them the payoff: ___________________________________

Four things to know:
• What to share

• A _____________________________________ that can get you there

• A simple way to ___________________________________

• And the expectation that God can use even __________

Discussion Questions:

  1. In what ways do you feel ready to personally invite others to Christ, and in what ways do you feel inadequate or unprepared?
  2. Which of the five problems (confidence, courage, connection, conversation, or clarity) did you most resonate with, and why?
  3. How does what Jesus said and did in sending out the disciples help you in your witness? What do you think Jesus might be saying to you?
  4. What steps do you want to take to become more ready to invite others to Christ?

Love Your Neighbor Study

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We all have a story

We asked our Community Group Leaders how they met their neighbors. Here is what they told us.

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