Our Leadership

Staff Directed & Elder Protected

The leadership structure at Christ Community Church can best be described as staff directed and elder protected. As such, the leadership staff runs all of the day to day operations - they set the vision and goals for the church and oversee the staff.


The elders provide theological protection, staff accountability, offer great counsel, advice and wisdom. From a practical ministry standpoint, the elders have a huge role as prayers. They pray for staff, for our ministries and are available to pray individually during services each month - the same week that communion is served. The elders also provide marriage counseling and relational interventions.It is in regards to prayer, marriage counsel and relational intervention where the elder's wives come alongside their husbands and serve as a fantastic ministry partner.


The trustees report to the elders and also play a protection role. They oversee and provide protection of our facilities and finances. They provide counsel, set controls in place, give wisdom, do internal audits and do plenty of hands on ministry as well.