Overflow: Message Series & Group Study

Our entire church is exploring what it looks like for God's abundant blessings to overflow into the lives of others. Teaching videos and applications below:

WEEK Three 

This Week's Message:

Personal Application Video:

Featured Application - Track Spending OR Fast from Spending
Whipping out your debit card can become a habit. We can go a day, a week, a month without thinking about our spending habits. Everything we have has been given to us to steward, and give an account for. This week’s application is a chance to step back and give an account.

Option 1: Track your spending for one week (seven days).  
Here’s how:Choose a method to track your spending (receipts, online bank statement…). Set a time and day you’ll review your spending, and with whom ( a friend, spouse or family member...great if it is also someone who is tracking their spending)

Go ahead and spend. Don’t vary from your regular spending patterns, so that you get a realistic picture of your spending. Review your spending for the week and discuss. What’s your first reaction? What are you surprised about? Not surprised about? Are there any trends in your spending?

Pray for good and faithful stewardship of everything God has entrusted to you, including your money.

Option 2: Fast from spending for one week and take the money saved from your fast and pay it forward.

Fasting from spending can be a great opportunity to worship God for our financial blessings 2) give us space to pause and reflect on our spending and 3) save money we would have spent to pay a financial blessing forward to someone else.

Here’s How:

Choose an average week (7 days) for your spending fast.
Prepare for your fast each day (for instance, a prayer of commitment, surrender, and openness to what God will teach you through it, thankfulness for his generous blessings).

Reflect on your fast each day (consider keeping a journal). End each day in a time of worship and prayer.  At the end of the week, figure the amount of money you would have spent in an average week, and after prayer, contribute that amount as a financial blessing to someone else.

Additional Applications:

The United States continues to rank in the top 20 countries in the world, in terms of prosperity (Legatum Prosperity Index, 2016). What does it mean to live here? What does it mean to live in a less financially prosperous nation? Visit the website worlddata.info and learn more about average income around the world, specifically within our partner countries of Bangladesh, Nicaragua, Czech Republic, Sierra Leone, Brazil, and Haiti.  

How does the average income in the United States compare to our partner countries? Choose one partner country and learn more about the economy in one of these countries.

How do most people make their living?
What is the average wage?
Based on average wage, how much would a Christian tithe?
How much does the average person spend on food, clothing, and shelter?
What kinds of difficulties (natural, political, economic, spiritual) do people in this country face?

Finally, pray for our ministry partner and those they serve in the country you chose to learn more about.


How does prosperity help or hinder our lives as Christians in the United States?

What advantages or disadvantages do people in less prosperous nations face?

How does what I’ve learned impact my perspective on prosperity?

Pray that God will give you his perspective on prosperity.

Sign Up for Online Giving
Giving is an act of worship. When we give to the Lord’s work, we acknowledge that he is the owner of everything we have, express our gratitude, trust in his provision, and love others.

God provides for the ministry of Christ Community Church through your tithes and offerings. When you give, you help fuel the growth of God’s work in our campuses, as well as our community and world. One way to commit to tithing is to sign up for automated giving.

Pray: Thank God for your financial blessings, great and small. Commit to be faithful to his command to return to him a tenth of everything he gives. Commit to trust that he will supply everything you need.

Do it. Go to ccclife.org/giving click on “sign in to give online” and create an account.

Keep in touch with your online giving. Review your budget and your quarterly giving statement.

Reflect on the blessings that occurred as a result of your tithing.
Pray about and consider increasing your giving beyond tithing.

Discuss It
Ask 3 people the following question: “If someone gave you $100 to “pay it forward,” what would you use the money for?” Why? What do you gather from the answers you got?

Ideas to go beyond just discussion:

Be prepared to do so on their behalf

Give them some money as seed money after they respond

Reflect on a time someone “paid it forward” to you and thank God for it

How does God care for people through our “paying it forward”?

How is tithing “paying it back” AND “paying it forward”?


WEEK Three 

This Week's Message:

Personal Application Video:

Featured Application - 

Time Audit
One of our problems with time management is that most of us don’t even know how are really spending our time. A “time audit” can help us see how much time we are spending on different types of activities. To do a time audit, start the day by setting an alarm on your phone to go off every 60 minutes (for even better information, try 30 minutes). Set the time to go off on some odd time, like 9:12. (If you start on the hour, you’ll tend to only catch your transition moments, such as going to lunch, heading to class/a meeting.) Then, every time the alarm goes off, write down what you were doing at that exact moment. Reset the time, and repeat for an entire day. After you have done this for a at least one day, look at the list of activities you did. Try to categorize each activity as either very important, not that important, or a waste of time. As you look at this, ask yourself:

  • Are there distractions I could eliminate?
  • Are there any important things I should start doing?
  • Are there ways to stop doing things that are not that important?
  • Am I spending time with God at any point?
  • Are there ways I could use my time to better serve others?

Be prepared to share these insights with your Community Group.


Additional Applications:

Simply Serve
If you are not volunteering anywhere with Christ Community Church, check out our online guide to serving opportunities.

Journal Activity
Set aside an 30 minutes to pray and journal through the following questions.

  • What do you feel like you never have time to do?
  • Over the past week, where were you stingy with your time? Where were you wasteful? Where was your use of time rewarding?
  • If a law was passed tomorrow that required you to find five extra hours a week in your schedule what would you stop doing? Even if you aren’t forced to, what would happen if you actually freed up those five hours?
  • If you were so confident in the love of God that did not have to prove yourself to anyone, what would you do with your time?
  • If the your primary calling in life was to serve others, what would you do with your time?

Hang Out Without Electronics
One of our biggest time-sucking distractions are our electronic devices, even when we are with people we care about. How many times have you been pulled out of a moment by a text message? How many times are you interrupted by the urge the check your phone? To fight this and feel some freedom, plan a time to hang out with family or friends for an extended period of time, but no one is allowed to bring a phone, tablet, or other device. Better yet, plan for an entire half-day or day without electronics. Talk to someone else about what the experience was like. 


This Week's Message: Brimming with Comfort

Personal Application Video:

Featured ApplicationLife Survey
As we look at our lives, we all have moments that have shaped us - specifically times when we have needed comfort or maybe even times of great elation and happiness. Think back through your life thus far:

What 5 events from your life stand out the most to you? Are there any common themes?

Why do those experiences stand out and what did you learn from them?

Write your answers to those questions and pray about how you might do ministry from an overflow of what God taught you through those experiences.

Additional applications:

Prayer Pause - Intentionally build a prayer pause into every day this week. Set an alarm or place a sticker on your phone to remember to pray for people who may need extra comfort this week. These may be people who you specifically know and want to pray for by name and specific situation, or they may be more general prayers for a people group that needs some kind of comfort.Allow your prayers to be directed out of an overflow of the comfort you have received.

Deliberate Acts of Comfort - Look back at the Life Survey you journaled about. If you were to give comfort from the comfort you have received, where would you serve? Write down the places that comfort may be needed and do something to deliberately bring comfort to people in those situations.

Encouragement/Thank You Notes - Think of the people who have brought you comfort in the most difficult and uncomfortable times in your life. Have you ever thanked them? In this day and age when emails are abundant, a simple handwritten card to say thank you could be the exact encouragement someone needs. Take time to write cards or notes to a few people who have served you when you needed comfort.



This Week's Message: Brimming with Abilities

Personal Application Video:

Featured ApplicationWatch this short teaching from Pastor Clayton Keenon:

Additional applications:

Scripture Reflection
Reflecting on God’s Word and listening to the Holy Spirit is an essential part of discovering your spiritual gifts. Set aside some time and create a quiet space where you can read and reflect on 1 Corinthians 12-13. Begin your reflection time asking God to speak to you through this passage. After you’ve read the chapters a couple of times, be still and listen for what the Holy Spirit might be telling you or guiding you to. Next, take some time to write out your thoughts and impressions regarding this passage as well as the things you hear from the Holy Spirit. Finally, close your reflection time in prayer thanking or praising God for what he has revealed to you.

Spiritual Gifts Inventory
Although the spiritual gifts listed in Scripture are not exhaustive, they do provide a good starting point for discovering how God has created each of us to bless his body, the church. Similarly, spiritual gifts inventories have been created based on these lists to help point us in the right direction for discovering our gift set. A Spiritual Gifts inventory survey like this one will identify some gifts that you might want to explore by visiting a ministry at church or discuss with a close friend, family member or pastor.

Ask Others
One of God’s favorite ways to speak to us is through his children, the church. Make a list of three to five close, Christ-following friends or family members that you could invite to give you feedback about your gifts. Then, reach out to them and ask them if they would be willing to help you discover your spiritual gifts by praying for and meeting with you. Finally, set up a time when you and that trusted Christ-follower can meet to discuss your gifting. You might use the spiritual gifts listed in 1 Corinthians 12 and Romans 12, or the list from the above Spiritual Gifts Inventory as the starting point for your conversation. Don’t forget to take time in each of these meetings to pray and ask God to speak and strengthen you to use the gifts you discuss.


As part of our Year of the Volunteer, we have launched SIMPLY SERVE, a brand new online tool for finding serving opportunities both in the church and in the community.

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