This is a landing page with resources, tools, and updates on Genesis and Mosaic in light of the social distancing guidelines currently in place due to the coronavirus crisis. Please note that the cancellation of church ministries until further notice does extend to our Genesis and Mosaic ministry environments. 

For church-wide updates on the Coronavirus, please visit

To stay up to date on all things that are currently taking place in Student Ministry, including resources and content that we will make available to parents and students, make sure you sign up for the following things:

Text Updates - text the word CCCSTUDENTS to (888) 341-0547 or click HERE to sign up for text updates 

Weekly Newsletter - Each week, an email will be sent to parents subscribed to our newsletter. Click HERE to sign up.
For the time being, we will be sending out our newsletter to all campuses, so be assured that no matter which group you subscribe to, you will be getting up to date information. 

Social Media - we will continue posting updates on our various social media platforms. Current platforms are listed below, but we will be working to make sure that families at each campus are receiving the information that they need, so check back if you don't see your campuses social media handle/page listed. 

Instagram - @ccclife.students
Youtube Channel - CCC Students
Facebook - 
Coming Soon!


Both High School and Middle School Summer Camp sessions at SBR have been cancelled. If you have not already done so, please watch the video update from Pastor Randy Isola by clicking HERE for more details on this decision. 


We may not be meeting in person, but there are still plenty of opportunities for your students to stay engaged. 

Wednesdays: Every Wednesday, at 6:30PM we will be doing a livestream program on our Youtube Channel  for students. We encourage students to prioritize jumping onto the livestream in real time so they can interact with one another and make the most of the experience. Regular content will also be posted on that channel throughout the week. 

Small Groups: In addition to the livestream, leaders will also be communicating with their group about setting up a regular time for small group discussion. If your student is not currently a part of a group, but would like to be involved, please fill out our community group connection form. We would love to get them plugged in!


Week of 4.21
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Week of 4.14
A Letter to Parents
Parent Newsletter - 4.14

Week of 4.7
Parent Newsletter - 4.7

Week of 3.30
Naming Loss & Gratitude With Young People 
Parent Newsletter - 3.31

Week of 3.23
Technology Conversation Guide
Cell Phone Agreement 
Parent Newsletter - 3.23

Week of 3.16
Parent Crisis Conversation Guide (MS & HS) 
Talking with your kids about Coronavirus


Parent Pathway: Parent Pathway is an ongoing resource of Christ Community Church that provides parents with different tools and resources based on their current age/stage. 

 AXIS Family Night Guide