Video Updates from Pastor Jim

Senior Pastor Jim Nicodem is on his summer study break but during this unprecedented time for our church and country, he didn't want to be too far away. He will be posting weekly video updates right here.

For more on our church reentry plans, please see our Reentry Information page.

LATEST video update

 Updated August 26, 9am

This week, Pastor Jim talks about Vision Weekend and return to in-person services. He also encourages us how Christians should live in a time of anger and outrage.

Updated August 20, 9am

This week, Pastor Jim returns from family vacation and is thinking about the small ways we can serve even now in the hard times. For more on serving during COVID-19, see our serving page.


Updated August 5, 9am

This week, Pastor Jim encourages us to "get your Bible teaching far and wide" but gives three reasons why Christ Community sermons need to be the consistent part of your diet.

Updated July 28, 3pm

Pastor Jim and Sue have been in Door County studying for upcoming teaching series. In his weekly update, he shares the best things that happened (and it's even better than Deer Tracks ice cream):

Updated July 23 - 5pm

Pastor Jim gives an update on the all-church survey that you filled out!


Updated July 14 - 5pm

Learn about what Pastor Jim calls "thank-you therapy" and the power of gratefulness.

Updated July 8 - 11am

Are you weary? What are you tired of? In his weekly update video, Pastor Jim reflects on Galatians 6:9 and where our strength comes from.


Updated June 30 - 4:17pm

This week, Pastor Jim shares amazing notes of encouragement from you!


Updated June 25 - 11am

As he begins his summer study break, Pastor Jim gives a preview of all the sermon series for the next ministry season. 

Updated June 17 - 4pm

NEW PASTOR JIM VIDEO: Pastor Jim shares an update on yard signs, giving, and his heart for racial harmony. 

Updated June 9 - 4:30pm

In his weekly video update, Pastor Jim shares important information about Christ Community's regathering plans. 

For more on our church reentry plans, please see our Reentry Information page.

Updated June 3 - 8:45am

Pastor Jim's update video this week is an important message to share his deep hurt over the racial injustice and unrest in our country, the unjust looting and violence in our communities, for local business owners, and for our police officers who are seeking justice.

Quick Links:
- Watch last week's Mosaic/Genesis Live: A Conversation on Racial Injustice (May 27, 2020)

- On Facebook this week, we shared a prayer from Aurora Campus Pastor Eric Hays and a reflection from Streamwood Campus Next Generation Pastor Jus Leverette. A video is coming today from DeKalb Pastor Paul DeHaven.

-We have built a timely sermons page where you can find messages on relevant topics. Right now, we have resources on racism, social justic, the Holy Spirit, fear, and more. 

-Are you a Business Owner? In this difficult time, we've been scheduling zoom prayer calls with businesses. We would love to schedule a time to pray for you and your business, no matter how large or small. If you would like to schedule a time for this you can let us know at 

Updated May 26 - 4:30pm

Check in with Pastor Jim this week regarding new regulations and summer scheduling.

Quick Links:

-Sponsor kids in Bangladesh by checking out info here.

-Do KidsWorld at home any day of the week here!

-Middle school and high school students: Stay connected with our Christ Community Students YouTube Channel

Updated May 19 - 5:25pm

Straight from his basement, Pastor Jim updates us on an upcoming intiative to reach those in our neighborhoods and encourages us to search for truth in a confusing time.

For your reference, here is the article Pastor Jim reads in the video: "Why Can I Go to Wal-Mart and Not Church?"

Updated May 12 - 7pm

"We are not shut down." -Pastor Jim

Quick Links:
-If you missed some or all of this weekend's sermon on Psalm 23, watch it online on demand.

-Watch Eric Ferris' simple tips for doing community groups on Zoom.

Updated April 28 - 5pm

Updated April 21 - 8pm

Updated April 14 - 3pm

Check in with Pastor Jim from his basement billiard bunker:

Updated April 9 - 3:44pm

Updated April 7 - 5:24pm

Ideas for things you possibly have never done that you could try now.

Updated April 2 - 3:14pm

Pastor Jim's new update on fear, anxiety, prayer, and what he is thankful for. 

Updated March 31 - 5:34pm

 *Note: Pastor Jim meant that Bangladesh is the size of New York state, not New York City.

Updated March 27 - 8:35am

Pastor Jim shares God sightings during this hard season as well updates on weekend services and more.

Updated March 25 - 4pm

In his latest update, Pastor Jim answers your questions about weekend services and how we now do church:

Updated March 19 - 5pm

In the latest update from Pastor Jim Nicodem, he addresses dealing with anxiety and gives an update on our ministries and services.

Updated March 17 - 4:05pm

Pastor Jim shares new updates on what's changing (and what's not) in weekend services during the Coronavirus crisis.

 Updated March 13  - 4:15pm

A special message from Pastor Jim regarding ministry closures and weekend services:

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