Pro-Life Ministry

Pro-Life Ministry Ultimate Objective

We envision a future and culture where women and men faced with pregnancy choices are transformed by the gospel of Jesus Christ and are empowered to choose life for their child.

We also envision a future and culture where abortion is unthinkable-not just illegal-as well as a future where Planned Parenthood and other abortion centers are permanently closed. Since 1973 over 60 million babies have been aborted; that is 3,000 babies a day in the USA, 400 per month right here in Aurora, Illinois. 

Pastor Jim Nicodem taught on Social Justice in February 2019; this is a must-see!



Join us for monthly prayer for the pre-born, post-abortive men and women, our government, local churches, pro-life ministries, abortion industry workers and local pregnancy resource centers. 

We will meet on the first Monday of the month (unless otherwise posted) from 6:30 to 7:30 pm.

Aurora Campus room 203
This group will begin meeting on the first Monday in October 2019

St. Charles Campus in the Welcome Center
First Monday of the month at 6:30 pm - 7:30 pm

DeKalb Campus in the Community Room
First Tuesday, June, July, and August 6:30 pm
First Thursday beginning on September 6:30 pm

Monthly Prayer at Planned Parenthood, Aurora

The first Saturday of each month from 9-10 am we invite All of our campuses to join in unity as we stand in front of Planned Parenthood to pray. It is proven that up to 70% of women turn from their appointments when they see people praying for them outside of the abortion clinic. Many lives have been saved through the presence of prayer. 

You can also download this prayer sheet

Attend Special Events


Be A Voice 

How much do you know about the Extreme Pro-Abortion law that the IL legislators voted into law at the 11th hour over Memorial Day Weekend?

True or False…

1. The new IL pro-abortion law has created a fundamental right to abortion in our state that equals freedom of speech and freedom of religion. Answer - True

2. Under this new law, the pre-born baby has rights similar to ours. Answer - False

3. Under this new law, Churches and Para-Church Organizations / Ministries insurance plans will be required to cover abortion services for its employees. Answer - True

4. Under this new law, there will be increased safety and healthcare standards in effect. Answer - False

5. Under this new law, only Dr’s are able to perform abortions.
Answer - False

6. Under this new law, late-term abortion restrictions are removed. Answer - True

7. Under this new law, abortions can only be performed in Dr’s offices, Hospitals / Healthcare settings. Answer - False

8. Under this new law, a baby that survives a failed abortion must be given life-saving measures. Answer - False

9. Under this new law, minors wishing to have an abortion must seek parental consent. Answer - False

10. Under this new law, there are no requirements in place to investigate the death of a mother or baby due to abortion.
Answer - True

The new IL pro-abortion law is the most extreme law of its type in the country, surpassing even the NY law. The Illinois law now gives blanket permission for an abortion. Whereas the NY law only allows late-term abortion for ‘health reasons’, the Illinois law has no such restriction. As such, it will turn Illinois into a late-term abortion destination. In fact, this law goes far beyond Roe v Wade, which recognized the mandate to protect a baby that is viable.

Reproductive Health Act Information
· Creates a fundamental right to abortion, equal to freedoms enshrined in the constitution, such as freedom of speech, freedom of religion
· Negates the rights of a viable unborn child; abortion up to and during birth.
· Requires health insurance companies to cover abortion services, including churches and ministries. No conscience protections for churches, ministries, doctors or health care workers putting it in direct conflict with Religious Freedom Reformation Act
· Removes restrictions on abortion clinics for safety standards and health inspections.
· Other personnel beside doctors will be able to perform an abortion.
· Late-term abortion restrictions are removed. Federal policy regarding “partial-birth abortion” is still in place, but that is regarding the method of abortion, not the timing of the abortion.
· Declares baby has no individual rights under the law
· No restrictions on where an abortion can be performed
· Scraps requirement that care be given an infant that survives an abortion attempt, ensuring an infant’s death
· Minors allowed abortion with no parental notification
· Eliminates the requirement to investigate the death of a mother or child due to abortion


Volunteer at a local pregnancy center 

If you or someone you know is facing an unplanned pregnancy, crisis pregnancy centers provide free and confidential care including pregnancy tests, information on pregnancy-related assistance in finding affordable medical care, adoption, maternity home, and prenatal childbirth class referrals, as well as ongoing mentoring and friendly support. 

Local pregnancy centers:

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