Register for Services

Registration for March 6 & 7 is now open. NOTE: A second Sunday service is now available at St. Charles and DeKalb.


By participating in any activity at Christ Community, you acknowledge the statements in our Participation Agreement.


Why do I have to register to come to church?
Registration is necessary for two reasons. First, to ensure reduced and reasonably safe capacity levels. Second, in the case of a verified report of a positive Covid-19 case in someone who has attended, we will communicate with everyone in attendance during that service time. 

Are you really checking registrations?
The closer registration numbers get to our capacity limits, the more closely we will check for registration at the doors.  Therefore, you may notice that how closely we check may vary from week to week.  You should always come prepared to show your registration.

How are the church buildings being cleaned? 
Our building services team went through Infectious Disease Control Certification early on during the pandemic.  All church spaces are disinfected between uses, including the auditoriums after each service.

Is there a recommended arrival time for services?
Yes. KidsWorld will receive children beginning at 20 minutes prior to the service time and we ask that everyone be seated in the auditorium 5-10 minutes prior to the start of service.

Are in-person services at their normal pre-COVID times?
No. Current in-person service times for each campus are:

Aurora - Sunday at 9:10am
DeKalb - Saturday at 5:10pm, Sunday at 9:10am
Streamwood- Sunday at 10am
St. Charles - Saturday at 5pm, Sunday at 9am

Additional in-person service times will be added for future weekends if capacities are reached on any given weekend at a campus. 

Do services feel the same as before COVID-19?
The experience is somewhat different than our services pre-COVID-19. We are masked and socially distanced. The services are also constructed for thousands who are participating online and the hundreds who are participating in person.

Is singing allowed?
Yes! We have prioritized singing in worship together and separated seating in all worship spaces by 10 feet to safely accommodate this.

Do I have to wear a mask?
Yes. We require masks indoors (even during service) and social distancing at all times. Please see our Participation Agreement for guidelines we will be enforcing. These guidelines are posted and are in place to help keep everyone safe and healthy.  

What does seating in services look like?
The auditoriums are limited to a maximum of 25% of capacity. In addition, in order to accommodate singing, seating is separated by 10 feet from different households (only those living in the same household may sit together). 

Is KidsWorld Available?
Yes. KidsWorld capacities have been determined by both space size and volunteer team availability. When registering your children, if capacities have been reached you will be notified by the system that capacities are full and no more children can be registered for that service. For more information about what KidsWorld On Campus will look like, click here.

What do I do when I get to campus?
Upon entering the campus, signage or a traffic team member will direct you to the appropriate entrance door. Depending on your campus, parents dropping off children for KidsWorld might enter a different door than those not dropping off children.

Can I register once to come every week?
No. Registration will be necessary each week (registering for multiple weekends at one time will not be an option). Registration for weekend services/KidsWorld will open on the Monday prior to each weekend on the website and in the CCCLife mobile app. Proof of registration will be required to enter the building. No exceptions.  

Will extras like the bookstore, Cup O Joy, The Hub, etc. be open?
No, with one exception. Resource bookstore has resumed operation at the St. Charles Campus. 

What do I do if I attend a service and later find out I’ve tested positive for Covid-19?
Please notify the church. We will not share your name, but will make everyone in attendance at that particular service aware that a positive Covid test has been reported by someone who was in attendance. Email:

Do we have a Weekly Welcome?
No, we are limiting contact points but all announcements will be on the CCCLife Mobile app and at You can take notes and access the sermon discussion questions on the app or at

What are online service times?
Online service times are Saturdays at 5pm and 8pm & Sundays at 9am and 11am.