What is Rooted?

Rooted is a 10-week experience designed to deepen your connection with God, the Church, and your purpose. If you are new to Christ Community, new to following Jesus, or looking to build a strong foundation in your faith, Rooted is the place for you. You will learn how to truly live as a disciple of Jesus.

What should I expect if I attend?

A group of people who are committed to walk alongside and encourage each other throughout this experience. You can expect weekly group meetings where you will discuss the devotional material you worked on in your Rooted book. 

Do I have to show up every week?

We hope you will! Showing up every week will impact your personal growth along with the growth and trust of your group. If you already know you will miss more than two meetings in a Rooted session, we ask that you join us for a different session.

How will my group be determined?

Your group is prayerfully formed by information gathered from your registration. Groups may vary from campus to campus and from virtual to in-person.

How much does it cost?

Rooted at Christ Community will cost $25, which helps to cover the cost of your materials and other involved experiences.

Are there scholarships available?

If the Rooted registration fee is a hindrance to you, please contact Kelsey Schrader. We won’t turn anyone away.

Where is it at?

Rooted groups will meet either at one of our Christ Community Church campuses or online. 

When will the next round of Rooted be offered?

Winter Rooted Session will be offered January – March 2022.

Is childcare available?

If you need assistance with childcare please contact Kelsey Schrader.

What happens when Rooted is over?

We hope that your Rooted group will continue on to become a Community Group. Each person and group will have the opportunity to discover for themselves what their best next step is after Rooted.

What is a Community Group?

A Community Group is an intentional community consisting of 3 to 12 people who meet regularly to pursue spiritual growth, friendship and support. It’s a safe place to study the Bible, share your life, and ask tough questions.