Serve with Your Community Group

1 Peter 4:10 - "Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God’s grace in its various forms."

This May - June, Community Groups at all 4 campuses are encouraged to serve an individual or family in need in their community as part of the annual Love Your Neighbor Super 2nd Saturday Project.

Who do we serve?
An individual or family outside of your Community Group and outside of Christ Community Church. Think of someone who is not a Christ-follower and this would be a great way to “open a door” to a spiritual conversation.

Where do we serve?
Somewhere within the geographic range of one of Christ Community Church's Campuses so that an ongoing relationship can be initiated or built.

When do we serve?
Projects should be completed between May 6 and June 10, 2017 (June Super 2nd Saturday).

Why do we serve?
To perform good deeds for someone with the hope that it can create good will between the group and the people we are serving, leading to a chance to share the Good News of Jesus Christ.

How do we start?
1. Get your Community Group involved now and Pray that God leads you to a person or family that is in need.
2. Select a project leader from among your group.
3. Ask the person in need if you can serve them.
4. Plan the details of when you will serve.
5. Register your project (required for all participating groups, even if you don't request funds).

How do we Register?
Click on your campus button (below) to register or stop by your Community Group (CG) counter or General Information counter after services.

Blackberry Creek




St. Charles



When and where do we pick up our money? 
Money can be picked up by CG Leaders after weekend services from May 6 through June 11, at the CG Information counter or General Information counter.  Just don’t forget to pick it up!

What if the project costs is more or less than $200?

  • If the project cost is more than $200, consider the options of contributing or raising additional funds.
  • If the project cost is less than $200, identify an additional non-Community Group family or individual to serve. We do not want the money back. Invest it into relationships and projects in your community.

What if we can’t use up all the money by June 10? How long do we have to spend the money?
While the project needs to be completed by June 10, there is no deadline by which remaining funds need to be spent. Consider helping another family or doing more for the person/family you already helped.

Do we need to save our receipts and return them to the church?
No you do not.

What if we can’t do our project by June 10?
Our goal is to have all projects completed by June 10, however, if for some reason your group needs to finish on the following weekend, go right ahead.

What if we can’t come up with an idea?
Call or email Tanya at 630.485.3390 or  for project suggestions and ideas.

What do I do after the project is complete?
Return to and fill out the follow up survey to let us know how you did. We love to hear how God showed up!

What if we have questions?
Email us at