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We believe that, in order to have a chance at a successful life, students should be equipped with a strong moral character so that they can manage their social and emotional experiences. However, character is almost impossible to be learned through lecture. Therefore, we believe that the best way to equip students is to help them learn through experience. And that is why we created an organization that specializes in large group, small group, experienced based learning methods.

In the words of one administrator, "The moral foundation of our culture is eroding. Without things like mutual respect, it's impossible for teachers to teach." Our hope is to come alongside local public schools and help them rebuild this foundation.

The Program:

Students are going through a critical period in life. We believe this is a crucial time in which two questions are answered:

  • Who and what am I going to listen to?
  • Who am I going to be?

In the process of helping students answer these two questions for themselves, we help schools teach the Social and Emotional Learning Standards developed by the State of Illinois Department of Education.

We have developed two programs to accomplish these goals. "We" is the Key is all about teamwork. "Voices and Choices" is all about understanding the influences that affect the choices we make. Click on the buttons for more information on each program.



Our goal in partnering with local public schools is to help

  • Develop students who purposefully develop their own character traits
  • Encourage students to choose their own friend group on purpose, to listen to good voices of authority, and to seek out truth


We run the program with large groups of people
When a community shares an experience, they have a common language—anyone in the group can talk with anyone else in the group about their experience. This means teachers can take what the group learned and talk about it in classes. Students can talk about their experience with their friends over lunch. Learning and accountability is greater when a topic is learned by a large group.

We break the large group down into small groups
By breaking the large group down into smaller groups, each student receives individual attention. Students gain a sense of comradery. Names can be used and students feel less intimidated to participate. Group members have the opportunity to share perspectives and learn more about each other’s individual stories.

We utilize Active Experiential Learning
When we talk about experiential learning, we mean that we're going to play team-building style games, and then debrief what we learn from the metaphor of the game. Experiential learning is incredibly powerful. It incorporates all the parts of a person—mind, body, heart, and social factors. Unlike traditional forms of learning that “splash” information on the mind, experiential learning “dunks” the whole self into an interactive form of learning.


Students will

  • Develop awareness of their own emotions and thought process, and in the process be given a choice of how to use their strengths and weaknesses to accomplish their goals in school and in life.
  • Be encouraged to think about the significance of the people around them, and challenged to use their influence for the good of their community.
  • Be challenged to find good role models.

Recent Events:

Over the past year, we have had the privilege of creating this program and running it here at the Hub for Streamwood High School's entire Freshmen class, South Elgin High School's entire Freshmen class, Bartlett High School's creative writing classes, Larkin High School's AVID classes, Larsen Middle School's entire 7th grade class, Ellis Middle School's AVID classes, Thompson Middle School's 7th grade Team Day, and Wredling Middle School's 8th grade Team Day. We've had the privilege of running this program in-house at Gifford Street High School in Elgin and Huntley Middle School in DeKalb as well. We look forward to continuing these relationships, and we look forward to creating new relationships with other schools during the upcoming year!