March 28, 2021

Reverencing God (Jim Nicodem)

What's your view of God? The writer of Hebrews says our God is an all-consuming fire. Pastor Jim wraps up our study of Hebrews with this powerful thought.


March 21, 2021

Faith Under Fire (Clayton Keenon)

Where do we find our strength to keep going during tough times? Faith daily gives us the ability to overcome all obstacles.


March 14, 2021

Saving Faith Lasts (Jim Nicodem)

How do you make sure your faith lasts? Pastor Jim explored the themes of Hebrews regarding perseverance in faith.


February 21, 2021

Why God's Son Became One of Us (Jim Nicodem)

A couple times a year, our sermons follow along with our church’s daily reading schedule, Bible Savvy. As Bible Savvy goes through Hebrews, our weekend teachings will help us dig into this book’s depiction of Jesus as the fulfillment of Old Testament promises. Pastor Jim begins the series by looking at the 4 reasons God's Son became one of us.



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