December 11, 2021

Inspiring Stories with Tim & Demi Tebow (Password: CCCTebow)

Senior Pastor Jim Nicodem interviews Tim and Demi-Leigh Tebow about their inspiring stories. To watch the video, use the password: CCCTebow


October 3, 2021

Inspiring Stories with Daniel Nayeri

Pastor Clayton Keenon interviews Inspiring Stories guest Daniel Nayeri, author of 2020's Everything Sad is Untrue (A True Story). For weekend service times, see


February 14, 2021

Inspiring Stories: Chris Baker

Our Inspiring Stories guest is Chris Baker, founder of INK 180, a tattoo shop and ministry in Oswego that turns painful reminders into beautiful art. Since 2011, Chris has removed or covered up nearly 6,000 tattoos of former gang members and sex trafficking victims. Don't miss this powerful story.



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