December 23, 2019

Christmas Eve 2019: The Word Became Flesh (Jim Nicodem)

Merry Christmas! Senior Pastor Jim Nicodem teaches on the incarnation of Jesus and the true meaning of Christmas.


December 8, 2019

Supernatural: The Prophets Foretold (Jim Nicodem)

Christmas is a time of wonder, a time when you can almost believe miracles are possible. But what if they are? At the first Christmas, heaven touched earth, God broke into our world, and amazing things happened. Join us this week as Pastor Jim Nicodem talks about the foretelling of the birth of Christ.


November 24, 2019

All Creation Sings: First Humans (Jim Nicodem)

This weekend, Pastor Jim continues our science and Scripture series by teaching on Genesis 2 and the creation of humans. Were Adam and Eve actual historical figures?


November 17, 2019

All Creation Sings: In the Beginning God Created (Jim Nicodem)

Senior Pastor Jim Nicodem continues our science and Scripture series by digging into the Genesis 1 creation story.


November 2, 2019

Bible Savvy: Long-Term Investing (Jim Nicodem)

This weekend Pastor Jim concludes our study of Jeremiah by looking at investing in what really matters.


October 19, 2019

Bible Savvy: The Potter And The Clay (Jim Nicodem)

This week, Pastor Jim Nicodem continues to take us through the book of Jeremiah, looking at the story of the potter and the clay.


October 12, 2019

BIble Savvy: Churchianity (Jim NIcodem)

Jeremiah was sent to warn a people who thought they were safe...but their hope was a false one. Have we too fallen for a "churchianity" instead of Christ himself?


October 6, 2019

Inspiring Stories with Kay Warren

Kay Warren, co-founder of Saddleback Church with her husband, Rick, is an international speaker, best-selling author, and Bible teacher who has a passion for inspiring and motivating others to make a difference with their lives. She is best known for more than 10 years as a tireless advocate for those living with mental illness, HIV&AIDS, and the orphaned and vulnerable children left behind.


September 21, 2019

Love Your Neighbor: Invite (Jim Nicodem)

Pastor Jim Nicodem continues our fall ministry sermon series with the message "Love Your Neighbor: Invite."


September 14, 2019

Love Your Neighbor: Host (Jim Nicodem)

Pastor Jim Nicodem continues our fall ministry sermon series with the message "Love Your Neighbor: Host."


September 7, 2019

Love Your Neighbor: Meet (Jim Nicodem)

Pastor Jim Nicodem kicks off our fall ministry season during Vision Weekend with the message "Love Your Neighbor: Meet."



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