December 26, 2021

Good News of Great Joy

This Christmas Eve service celebrates the good news of Jesus' birth.


December 20, 2021

Samson Needs Self-Control

Pastor Jim Nicodem continues the series Life Without a King with the story of Samson.


December 11, 2021

Inspiring Stories with Tim & Demi Tebow (Password: CCCTebow)

Senior Pastor Jim Nicodem interviews Tim and Demi-Leigh Tebow about their inspiring stories. To watch the video, use the password: CCCTebow


November 28, 2021

Deborah Steps Up

As Advent begins, Senior Pastor Jim Nicodem dives into the Book of Judges which shows a people anticipating and longing for a king.


November 21, 2021

Lasting Happiness

Senior Pastor Jim Nicodem wraps up the "Sexual Wholeness in a Broken World" series with a biblical look at true, lasting happiness.


October 31, 2021

Essential Building Blocks

Senior Pastor Jim Nicodem starts the Sexual Wholeness in a Broken World series by laying out three basic building blocks that are foundational for a life of sexual wholeness: authority; plausibility; and civility.


October 17, 2021

Like Father, Like Son

Senior Pastor Jim Nicodem digs into John 5 with the COMMA method of bringing biblical text to life. | For weekend service times, see


October 10, 2021

The Wine Sign

Senior Pastor Jim Nicodem kicks off a new Bible reading teaching series by turning to John 2.


September 26, 2021

Fruit that Lasts

What is the fruit in John 15? Whose job is it to produce fruit? Pastor Jim concludes our all-church study, A Deeper Connection with Jesus.


September 19, 2021


What does it mean to remain in Christ? Pastor Jim continues our all-church study, A Deeper Connection with Jesus.


September 12, 2021

Vision Weekend

As part of Vision Weekend 2021, Pastor Jim launches a new series and group study on John 15.



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