August 19, 2018

Road Trip: Rome (Clayton Keenon)

Pastor Clayton Keenon teaches on how the kingdom of God is unhindered, even when people reject it.


August 5, 2018

Road Trip: Philippi (Clayton Keenon)

Teaching Pastor Clayton Keenon shares how a wealthy business woman, a working class soldier, and a liberated slave can become a family.


July 29, 2018

Road Trip: Caesarea (Clayton Keenon)

Pastor Clayton Keenon shares how people from completely different worlds can be part of the same community in the message "Road Trip: Caesarea."


July 22, 2018

Road Trip: Damascus (Clayton Keenon)

Clayton Keenon continues our Road Trip series with the message "Damascus."


July 8, 2018

Road Trip: To The Ends of The Earth (Clayton Keenon)

Pastor Clayton Keenon kicks off our new Road Trip series. Learn why the Christian movement exploded so quickly from 120 terrified people to the first worldwide, multicultural faith in history.



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