June 18, 2023

Redeeming Regrets

Happy Father's Day! Pastor Jim studies the story of Jesus and Peter and shares six pieces of advice for parents and all Christ followers.


June 19, 2022

Josiah Chooses God's Word

It's Father's Day and Pastor Jim concludes an appropriate study for the day: "What Will Be Your Legacy?" In 2 Kings, Josiah chose God's Word. How do we today do that--and pass the Bible onto the next generation?


June 20, 2021

God's People

This Father's Day, Pastor Jim concludes our spring series on the Psalms.


June 20, 2020

Dad the Role Model (Jim Nicodem)

For Father's Day 2020, Pastor Jim shared 4 things he saw in the life of his dad--and 4 things he didn't but wished he would have.


June 18, 2017

Father's Day 2017 (Jim Nicodem)

On Father's Day weekend, Pastor Jim taught a special message on what is means to honor our dads. He explores 5 words that describe what honoring looks like according to the Bible.


June 15, 2014

Dad: The Steadfast Archer


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