November 13, 2022

How to Live in Light of Death

The walk through the Bible's Wisdom Literature continues by learning how best to live from Ecclesiastes.


October 30, 2022

How to Know God Deeply

Psalms is one of the Old Testament's wisdom books. Through these praise songs, we learn how to know God deeply.


October 23, 2022

How to Persevere in Tough Times

The purpose of Wisdom Literature is to teach us how to live wisely in a world that is often difficult and confusing. What do we do when the mountains in our life don't move, when the seas before us don't part? How do we persevere in tough times? Job has a lot to teach us on that.


October 16, 2022

How to Live Well

What's the difference between being smart and being wise? Pastor Jim digs into the Old Testament's wisdom literature to explore what it even means to live well according to Proverbs 8.



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