Serving Opportunities – DeKalb

Thank you for your interest in serving! We are looking for 50+ adult and student volunteers to serve directly with kids leading or co-leading a group of preschoolers, guiding them through activities of the morning. We also need help with check in/check out, medical, clean up and more. Volunteer teams serve from 8:10-11:45am in most cases. All Clubhouse volunteers are required to attend training on June 18 from 6-8pm. Child care is provided during training (5th grade and under). Child care is available for volunteers who have children under 3 years old and 1st-5th grade during camp.

Check out the opportunities below and then click on the VOLUNTEER HERE link to sign up. 

Small Group Leader – Shepherd a group of 6-8 preschoolers through morning activities: story review, crafts, games, snacks. (Time commitment: Tuesday-Friday 8:10-11:45am.) Volunteer here.

Parent/Adult Helper – Assist small group leader in shepherding a group of 6-8 preschoolers through morning activities: story review, crafts, games, snacks. (Time commitment: Tuesday-Friday 8:10-11:45am.) Volunteer here.

Student Helper – (6th grade and older) Assist leader in assigned duties in small group. (Time commitment: Tuesday-Friday 8:10-11:45am) Volunteer here.

Course Activity Helper – Assist kids and their leaders through “Day of Sports” or “Day at the Castle” activities. (Time commitment: Tuesday-Friday 8:10-11:45am ) Volunteer here.

Special Needs Buddy – Be one on one with a camper who needs a little extra assistance with activities. (Time commitment: Tuesday-Friday 8:10-11:45am.) Volunteer here.

Childcare Volunteer – Be an important part of Clubhouse by caring for our volunteers who have infants through three year olds or 1st-5th graders. You will be allowing these volunteers to serve preschoolers in Clubhouse as you lovingly care for their kids. (Time commitment: Tuesday-Friday 8:00-11:45am) Volunteer here.

Computer Check In/Check Out – (Adults only) Computer check in and check out of campers. (Time commitment: Monday-Friday 8:30-9:30am; return for check out 11:15-11:45am.) Volunteer here.

Medical – (Trained adults only) Be available to assess medical emergencies and take appropriate action. Prefer trained personnel in this position. (Time commitment: Tuesday-Friday 8:10-11:45am.) Volunteer here.

Monday 6/24 Set-up Day – Help us set-up Clubhouse rooms and decorate for camp. (Time commitment: Monday 6/24 from 9am-12pm.) Child care is available for kids 3rd grade and younger. Volunteer here.

Friday 6/28 Clean-up Day – Help clean up camp after an awesome week of Clubhouse. (Time commitment: Friday 6/28 from 11:45am-1:45pm.) Volunteer here.

Camp Support – Can't decide what camp opportunity is right for you or you would like more information on serving at Clubhouse, click the link and someone will follow up soon.Volunteer here.

If you are already an approved KidsWorld volunteer, we still need you to sign up to volunteer for Clubhouse, but you don't need to fill out another application. If you are new to serving in KidsWorld, let us know you are interested and we will get you started with our application process, which includes checking references and, if 18+ years, a background check.