Men's Softball

Invite friends to play in your Christ Community league this spring and knock it out of the park by joining a group of men committed to excellence both on the diamond and in their relationship with Christ. 

The men's softball league plays at both Primrose Park and River Bend Community Park each Sunday afternoon beginning in May, excluding Mother's day, and the fun doesn't stop until the end of July/early August. 

We play on two fields, with three time-slots for games, each Sunday starting around 1pm. Teams typically consists of 11-15 players ages 18 and up.

Registration opens in March and team entry fees for 2020 Spring/Summer will be about $800 (provided we have an 8 team league). Please note there is a separate, individual fee of $25 for players without a team t-shirt/requesting a replacement.

For updates throughout the season, check out our Facebook Page.

We are also looking for volunteers to play important roles in the league that will bring excitement throughout, including managing our Facebook page, coordinating weekly activities for families/kids coming to watch the games, field/set up coordinator, devotional coordinator, etc. For more info, email .