International Child Sponsorships

Christ Community's International Impact ministry works alongside partner ministries in the countries of Bangladesh, Haiti, and Sierra Leone to care for the "least of these" by involving people like you in the lives of children. Our desire is to see these children's daily needs cared for physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Your long-term commitment of $38-50 (depending on the country) can help make this happen each month!

To sponsor a child or login-in click on the county below: 


Sierra Leone

 If you would like to sponsor a child in Haiti you will need to go through Hearten Haiti. 

For current Haiti sponsors click here to log in 

Information About Your Donation & Commitment

Our desire is to see that these children have their needs cared for physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Your long term, monthly commitment can help make this happen!

By committing to sponsor a student, you are giving our partner ministries the option of opening up their doors to one more student. Once a student enters this program, we want to see them offered that opportunity until they complete their secondary education. That means that we need you to prayerfully make this commitment and faithfully follow through. If you are not able to make a commitment up to the time the student leaves the program, please indicate the number of years that you would like to commit. We urge you to commit to pray for your sponsored student on a regular basis.


All donations should be made by the 10th of each month unless otherwise directed. Your name will be matched to your sponsored child, your donation record, and a giving statement will be sent to you. 


Pay By Check:

Make your checks payable to “Christ Community Church” and, place the following information in the memo line depending on the country you are sponsoring:

Bangladesh: HOB Sponsorship

Sierra Leone: New Harvest Sponsorship Program

Pay With Cash:

If paying with cash, please attach a note with your student’s name and country of sponsorship as it is shown in the Pay By Check section above. You can drop off your donation at the campus located nearest to you.