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Fox Valley Christian Action

Fox Valley Christian Action

by Lisa Garon on July 09, 2020

Fox Valley Christian Action (FVCA) was founded in 1977 under the name Riverwoods Christian Center as a camping ministry to enable youth from disadvantaged areas to experience the hope, power and love of Jesus Christ. At the very heart of FVCA, they long to help the local church serve under-resourced communities around them through the transforming power of the Gospel.

Alongside local churches, they began providing families with advocacy, support, education and discipleship. In an effort to expand this successful and much-needed aspect of the ministry, Riverwoods reorganized its ministries under the banner of Fox Valley Christian Action and introduced Riverworks Life Skills Outreach. They now incorporate residential summer camp, school-year teen programming, and after school kids clubs with Crossroads Kids Clubs.

In the midst of Covid-19, FVCA unfortunately cancelled their summer camps, however, there is an opportunity to serve! Over the next month, there will be 1000 Summer Packs delivered throughout the Fox Valley communities. To find out more and jump into this serving opportunity, click here.

When we asked Camp Program Manager Oscar Torres how we could pray for FVCA, he shared, "You can pray for protection as we serve 35 families this summer. They will be staying in our camp for an overnight retreat. We will be presenting the Gospel to them so pray that they receive the good news of Jesus. Pray for our Summer Pack to have an impact in the kids that will receive them. Pray for our Teens ministry. We want to serve our teens this summer but we don't know how. Pray that God will give us a plan."

To read more about our At Risk Youth ministry and how you can get involved with FVCA as restrictions lighten, click below.


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