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Impact Area: At Risk Youth

Impact Area: At Risk Youth

by Lisa Garon on June 29, 2020

While the term "at risk youth" has no consistent definition across the board, it can be most clearly defined as a child who faces uncommon or difficult circumstances which may cause difficulty in transitioning to adulthood. Though circumstances vary widely, from single parent homes to unexpected financial hardship to abusive situations, we know the love of Jesus through his people can bring hope and restoration to the children caught in these broken situations.

The future success of a student can be predicted by looking at their third grade reading levels. When a third-grader does not meet state standards, their likelihood of graduating goes down. This translates to increased high school dropouts and increased prison rates. 

At Christ Community Church, we partner strategically with organizations who dive into the day-to-day alongside the at risk youth in our community. Over the next month you will hear about how you can participate in development programs like Kids' Hope USA, enrichment programs for under resourced kids at Fox Valley Christian Action, and hear about The Forgotten Initiative, an organization which supports foster kids in our communities. 

For more information about our at risk youth ministry, visit our At Risk Youth Impact page.


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