Surrender & Win

We know that life can be hard. We know that life can be overwhelming and discouraging. Whatever has an unhealthy hold on your life, be it a toxic relationship, or an addiction to food, shopping, alcohol, drugs, whatever it may be, our hope is that you know that you do not have to suffer alone. We want to come along side you and give you a place where you can feel safe, accepted, and equipped to bring positive change in your life.

You are welcome you to join us wherever you are on the road to recovery, and wherever you are in your relationship with God. At present we are not able to provide childcare or a worship band, however, we have found that our simple and sincere approach to our Tuesday evenings is the most appreciated.

Our groups include:

  • Mixed Group for Newcomers
  • Men
  • Women

We also have a group for the families of those that are struggling with substance or alcohol abuse. We know that while these addictions may not specifically apply to you, they have deeply impacted your life. This is a group that partners together in that struggle, to help you heal and grow.

There is no cost to participants, and no registration required. Walk-ins are welcome, whether you have been to our church or not.

Questions? Contact Pastor Cory at