Co-Ed Tennis


Whether you are looking to hone your game or simply stay active, you will enjoy friendly, competitive play. The 2020 season will begin with singles tennis and will adjust with the local governing rules.  We will have dedicated energy towards social distancing, for example, no high fives, hand shaking, or sharing of personal items.

Where:   Saint Charles North High School courts

When: Mondays 6:30 - 8:30 pm

Dates:  June for open play, and then July and August will be dedicated to "Ladder" competition. September continues open play as weather and sunlight permit.

Fees: $20 per player, per season payable on court to commissioner

Ages: 18 and up

Registration: Takes place in person on the court

 Bring your own racket, water bottle, and anticipation of a great time!

Players must exhibit a skill level equal or greater than a 2.5 on the National Tennis Rating Chart (referenced below)  and will be connected with the tennis commissioner for more details by emailing


Click here for Park District Tennis guidelines


National Tennis Rating Chart