Transformation (Rupantaran) Nepali Church

June 18, 2020

Lisa Garon

As a part of the Fox Valley community, Christ Community Church is proud to be a partner with Pastor Amos Shakya since 2017. Amos and his family sought God together to pray about what a new church would look like. He was impressed with a heavy burden from God regarding transformation. “Many people talked about transformation through development, but God impressed my heart true transformation comes from God’s intervention. God gave us a strong belief and passion that God’s Word has power to transform our lives-parmesworko bachan ma rupantaran ko shakti chha.”

The vision for the Nepalese church is to see transformed disciples in every segment of society. Pastor Amos and his team encourages transformed believers to enter the workplace, impacting wherever they are by living their transformed lives boldly. This transformation is seen through God’s power, focused on intentional disciple making to see the inside out spiritual and holistic transformation.

Their mission is to make disciples through a wholistic transformation for the purpose of glorifying God. With a model to make disciples who make disciples, they are grounded in Four Pillars as a church: Rooted on God’s  Word Church, Prayerful Church, Allow and Manifest the Power of the Holy Spirit Church, Demonstrate God’s Love and Unity Church. Transformation is God’s power and we have this life changing power through His Word.

“Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is-his good, pleasing and perfect will.”

Romans 12:2

When Amos looked at the Aurora & St. Charles Bhutanese/Nepalese community, God showed a great vision of what the Lord is planning. Shakya says, “In 2015, one member from Bhutanese/Nepali community committed suicide on 2015. The suicide paved another way, open the door more widely to ponder the people more deeply and walk along with them in their sorrow and grief. Since 2015, my family and I have been traveling from Chicago to Aurora and St. Charles to serve them. We walk with these individuals through distrust within couples, broken family relationship, off track youth, leisure for unlimited-worldly pleasures, negative thoughts, mental issues, inability to explore improvements, adjustment failure, wars, and many more.”

Through prayer, they have been intentional on presenting the gospel and the teachings of Jesus, preaching on salvation and His grace. During the past five years, there have been several new Bhutanese and Nepali families added to the church, from a variety of backgrounds and ethnic and language groups. They continue to seek ways to adequately welcome and support this very diverse group of people.

Transformation Nepali Church is hopeful to evangelize and serve the Bhutanese community in Aurora area through word and deed. One way to meet needs is through practical assistance and advocacy with the social service systems. Within the context of the church, they are hopeful to aid the congregation in cross-cultural communication, pastoral care, and congregational development, as well as provide leadership development to help others discover who God is calling them to be.

If someone is looking to get involved with this ministry, below are some ways to get involved:

  • Meet most Bhutanese/Nepali families upon their arrival and initiate building good relationships with them
  • Follow up with families interested in learning about Christianity by meeting with them in their homes for Bible study and prayer. Enlist and train other leaders to assist with these efforts
  • Organize and lead weekly house fellowship & Bible study for new believers.
  • Organize sporting activities for young people
  • Participate in and honor Bhutanese Hindu festivals while presenting a contextualized gospel
  • Give leadership with the Bhutanese/Nepali congregation in part to help integrate and represent this new people group into the body of Christ. This includes providing translation
  • Assist Bhutanese refugees with practical assistance such as housing, transportation and legal aid
  • Transporting and accompanying refugees to medical appointments, translating in for parents in school meetings, networking among the refugees to strengthen the community
  • Helping families with their need of official work
  • Helping families with their ongoing process of finding new and good job.
  • Preaching on Sunday weekly fellowship, at the house fellowship and at the youth fellowship on Saturday
  • Counseling 
  • Aid families to start new business (like Nepali restaurant, Salon & gas station) to empower immigrant community
  • Weekly fasting & prayers 

Like many of us, they have been deeply impacted through COVID-19. They continue to hear from individuals about layoffs and hour reductions to individuals & families we serve. More and more are furloughed and quitting their job because of health concerns. As with many of us, there is an increased fear and stress among families and individuals. Youth are getting off track, coping with the stress in the community with alcohol, drugs & other things.

Please remember in your prayers the following members of our community who have been particularly affected by COVID-19.  In addition, please remember the various members of our community who work in the medical field and are risking their health to aid others: Garga Rai & his family, Moni Rai & his family, and seven more individuals and families. Please also pray for God’s provision for monthly need of this outreach ministry and for Amos’ family.

To volunteer with this ministry, or to learn more about our Multicultural and Immigrant Ministry, please visit